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How to Get Google Adsense Approval For Website in 2019


Google Adsense Approval Trick on custom domain !

if you want to know ( how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute ? ) then no need to read this article for google adsense approval in 2019

before reading google adsense approval trick 2019, here some answer for your questions

  • how much traffic required for adsense approval ?
  • how many views needed for adsense approval ?
  • How many Content need for adsense approval 2019 ?

1st keep always in your mind for adsense approval on custom domain no need for more views or more content, as i approval more then 20 account with 0 traffic

2nd questions about content read full article u will know better

  1. Buy A Domain ( buy cheap domain click here)
  2. install WordPress or set up blogspot

3. Setup Theme for your website ( recommended ColorMag Free WordPress Theme) also download Newspaper Version 9 – Click here

4. for Google Adsense Approval now publish 10 to 15 post with minimum 250 Word  – No matter Text is Copy Paste or Quality just add heading and a unique image with high resolution in each post ( only use copy paste in approval after approval delete all copy content to save your adsense account )

Download YOAST Premium WordPress Plugin Free 

5. now also add privacy policy, About us & Contact us page ( you can generate these page from free generator websites)

6. Next Step is to Add Google Analytics into your Site

7. Final Step is add Website to Google Search Console & Also Submit Site Map ( now wait for 3 to 4 days for indexing website properly  )

Your Site is Now Ready to Apply for Adsense ,lets go & Make a Fresh Gmail account with Fresh Phone Number and Apply for Adsense ( copy link & paste ) No Problem of http or https

if you have any problem with Google Adsense Approval or want to buy Adsense with domain contact with me


after google replay , your site is now ready to serve google ads and make money ( Congratulation)

and second is 

adsense approval trick 2019

Now 2 things , 1st write one or two more post and wait for some days , and reapply , i am sure you will do it and your Google adsense must approved,

this google adsense approval trick 2019 is not more difficult u can try your self

if you have any problem or want to buy Adsense with domain contact with us

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