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How to Make Money Writing As a Freelance Writer in 2022

Full-time writers are often successful freelancers. Writing is their profession, and they find clients or writing opportunities easily. However, many writers barely make enough money to quit their dead-end jobs. The writers struggle to earn decent money for writing. They cannot escape lousy freelance projects. If you think about and wish to write for money, you might be thinking about it. It was my first time doing it. In addition, you must know how to make money writing. Clients are attracted to specific writers.

1- How to Make Money Writing a blog?

The secret to becoming a wealthy freelance writer is to create a blog. In addition to using a blog as a writing portfolio, there are many ways that you can make money from your blog.

  • Writing practice is a good thing
  • Plan a strategy for generating leads
  • How to make money through marketing
  • Boost your self-confidence as a writer
  • Be creative at least once a week
  • Anyone who wishes to launch a business should start a blog.

I enjoy starting a service-oriented business blog on Bluehost. Reputable, efficient, and helpful, they deserve your business. Write a blog about freelance writing when you have one. It means that your site has specific pages. Making money through writing is possible.

Using a blog to make money is easy when you monetize it. Therefore, affiliate marketing, ads, or sponsored posts are all possible. By writing, you can earn money through these methods. A new site should consider affiliate marketing. Additional traffic and connections are needed to use the other methods.

Pick a tool or service you are familiar with or currently use. Also, the affiliate program may allow you to promote a course. As you build your writing portfolio, you might want to add some samples from your blog. 

Affiliate links are another way for you to earn some bucks from your posts. Creating a product-based tutorial post would be a better option. It has a very high conversion rate. As an alternative, your blog can attract potential customers when it is part of your writer’s website. By generating leads via my website, I can attract writing gigs.

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2- What Are The Most Profitable Writing Niches?

Writing services are not offered by every niche as well as every niche isn’t a high-paying niche.

The parenting niche offers the possibility of a good income. It only requires a little know-how, for instance. Parenting magazine freelancer Carrie Madormo earns an income writing for them. 

  1. Paying writers well for their writing
  2. You cannot expect it to happen overnight.
  3. Learning how to earn money as a writer takes time. 
  4. If you choose a writing niche topic, it’s vital to consider what products are available.

Consider the study of religion, for instance. The products and services related to this topic are unlikely to be thriving businesses. However, you can still write about religion for educational institutions. The study of horses is another example. The majority of the products related to this topic are hobby-related. But there is a lot of training equipment for horses. If you’re looking to determine your niche, don’t only consider your passion or hobby. 

3- How Do You Write An Ideal Client?

If your place is high-paying, it is determined by your writing client. The way I promoted myself was as a writer who specialized in technology and Travel. My health writing gig pays $25 per post.

Due to my inexperience, I accepted the gig. My portfolio was able to grow with this bylined piece. I landed another technology job a few months later. A single post earned me $85 a month. Furthermore, tech-related topics were the topics of both positions. What made the second project so successful? A start-up company hired me to write its first piece.

This company was brand new and focused on providing marketing material and products for local businesses. It succeeded with its blog content and methodologies for generating online leads.

Another client had an entirely online business. To market their travel product more effectively. To find your ideal client, you need to know who they are. What is important to you when working with:

  • Firms that are just getting started
  • Companies in the tech sector
  • Writers
  • Companies that provide B2B services
  • The doctors
  • Characters
  • Business owners of small firms
  • A business that operates online
  • Businesses
  • Newspapers
  • Donations to non-profits
  • Law firms
  • And so on.

In the B2B market, I like to stick to digitally native brands.

4- Write Around Topics Related To Your Niche

First things first, when I started using writing samples, they had nothing to do with my niche topics. It was still possible for me to land gigs.

Despite having landed writing jobs. Having a writing sample from my niche topics would’ve made the application process much more manageable.

Nowadays, freelance writing jobs require a writer who is skilled in a niche topic. Writing skills should be improved for that industry or topic.

It was a must for me to discover a writing niche. To run my own freelance writing business, I have found it helpful to learn about marketing. 

Create samples around your topic of choice once you’ve found your niche. As I took some time to figure out my niche topic, I also took some time to create samples. You will learn how to make money by writing faster if you can figure out this concept as soon as possible.

5- How Much Money Can I Make Writing On Medium?

Bloggers can use Medium for free. To help writers get paid for their contributions to Medium, the company created an affiliate program. Several writers earn thousands each month on Medium and have a career as a writer out of it.

You can easily earn money writing for this website. In addition to building your writing samples, Medium allows you to earn money while making your portfolio.

6- How To Improve Your Personal Social Media?

Freelance writing has been my profession for six years. I receive a lot of emails from my subscribers indicating that they are not on social media. Your future clients will see you more frequently if you are active online.

Check out your Twitter bio or LinkedIn profile if you use social media. A potential client could see your Pin and be interested in hiring you. Social media helped me increase my income from freelance writing. Many gigs have resulted in me writing articles for money.

  1. Make a small investment.
  2. Your copy needs to be improved.
  3. Make Your Brand Look Good With a Professional Headshot
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Story
  5. Branding Your Business and Establishing Your Online Identity
  6. Follow other people in your niche
  7. Create a sharing account

7- What Companies Are Looking For Writers?

It’s a good idea to do some research first. For my high-paying clients, I require you to produce a large volume of content within one week. It’s usually more extensive posts that I do once a month for low pay.

  • To pitch cold instead, you must determine which companies to target.
  • The first step is to create your account using your social media profile.
  • Clicking I’m interested allows me to write a short elevator pitch to explain why I am interested in the job.
  • My LinkedIn profile was required to be downloaded as a PDF before creating my Angel List profile.