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SOC Analyst Job Description, Salary, And Qualifications

As a member of a cybersecurity team, a SOC analyst works with cybersecurity tools. To monitor and defend IT infrastructures and assess security measures and weaknesses for improvement. SOC stands for a security operations center in the job title.  The team consists of multiple analysts and security experts and usually works in the exact location. SOC Analyst Job may serve a single organization or be an outsourced service that provides security services to individuals or companies.

Both new and experienced infosec professionals hold the title of SOC analyst. Cybersecurity is an excellent career path. But it can also be complex and repetitive, leading to burnout.

SOC Analyst Job In Israel

A Security Analyst need for our global security team. Full-time employment requirements for the position. Responsible for identifying and resolving production security alerts for our managed services customers.

As a member of this team, you will:

  • Analysis of real-world threats like APTs, targeted attacks, new malware, etc., and detailed analysis of those threats.
  • Develop and enhance Cybereason products in close collaboration with its customers and R&D team
  • Understand the Cybereason platform, as well as endpoint detection, remediation, and prevention
  • Provide customers with visibility into the detection process
  • Interacting with customers at all levels, from security analysts to executives
  • Process creation and documentation related to Security Operations
  • Work within a global SOC called to follow the sun

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  1. Availability to work full time
  2. Cyber-security experience of at least one year. CIRT and SOC experience
  3. Networking skills are important
  4. Good working knowledge of operating systems
  5. MITRE is well understood
  6. Knowing how malware works and how attacks work
  7. Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  8. Customer-centric skills and excellent interpersonal skills
  9. Possibility of working both independently and collaboratively within a team
  10. A fluent command of English reading, writing, and speaking
  11. Analyze malware with familiarity
  12. Result-oriented and self-motivated
  13. Working knowledge of Sysinternals tools
  14. An understanding of scripting languages
  15. Cloud monitoring experience using Okta and Cloud

Company Overview

Company Size 201 to 500 Employees

Founded 2012

Type Private Company

Market Solutions for Enterprise Software

Sector IT (Information Technology)

Income Unknown / Is Not Applicable


  • The culture is excellent, fun is always present, and the technology is incredible.
  • I work with outstanding teams that feel like family to me 
  • An executive-level position with a great deal of visibility
  • Put in good work, and you’ll get rewarded
  • There is a company goal, and employees who work for the same company goal are appreciated. 
  • A balance between work and life is effortless to achieve
  • Working at the best place


  • The job security at Up feels it is also less than at some of the big conglomerates.
  • I am a new employee, so there are no cons at the moment since everyone is so lovely and caring.

SOC Analyst Career Path

As a SOC analyst, your first step begins even before you get a job. An analyst is a job title that shares many prerequisites with a wide range of other beginning security jobs. In this video interview, AT&T Technical Staff Member Jonathan Gonzalez emphasizes this point. Before moving into the security field, most people spend between one and two years networking or a similar area.

  1. A Tier 1 SOC analyst monitors, manages and configures security tools. They determine the urgency of incidents, escalate incidents as necessary.
  2. Penetration tests conduct, vulnerability assessments are analyzed, and weaknesses are exposed. 
  3. When it comes to plotting what happens during and after an attack, Tier 3 analysts often do deep dives into datasets.

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