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500+ Support Engineer Job in Israel 2021

AnyVision is an AI company that creates solutions designed for the real world based on scientific and engineering principles. A global client base and global deployments are available. Among the fields in which we are recognized as leaders are:

  • Recognition of objects
  • Detection of objects
  • Tracking visual targets

A variety of work situations are available at AnyVision.

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Company and Job Insights

Type of job: Part-time

Job Title: Support Engineer

Industries: Aerospace & Defense

No. Employees: 201 to 500 Employees

You Describe Yourself As:

Dedicated to people, fully independent, good at communicating in all forms. Strongly technical with a natural problem-solving ability. Expert in solving complex problems with a strong focus on details. Adapt to pressure and multitask effectively. Communication skills and presentation abilities are excellent. A good communicator whose ability to read and write is both strong and balanced

You Will Learn The Following Things:

  1. Part-time position (50%), working with our customers and using the best and most interesting technologies in the industry.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction by meeting both their business and technological needs.
  3. Maintain the application by installing, configuring, administering, and configuring it.
  4. We provide training on how to maximize performance by introducing best practices, useful features, and best practices.
  5. Assist our technical support team in troubleshooting and resolving complex issues. Taking a replica of the client’s environment and solving network problems as necessary.

Support Engineer Job Requirements:

  • AIT System Engineer/Administrator with at least 2 years of experience. 
  • A technical role that involves customer interaction such as integration engineer was previously yours. 
  • Experience in IT system engineering of at least two years.
  • Experience with Linux or Unix for at least two years.

As Well As:

  1. Bachelor’s degree is in science group. 
  2. The experience must be in a relevant field of software, such as Computer Science or Engineering.
  3. The Docker/Kubernetes concept is well known to you.
  4. Python and Ansible are your programming languages.
  5. Scripting in Bash is familiar to you.
  6. SQL basics and understanding Database Architecture are important for you.
  7. Ticketing systems are familiar to you, e.g. The SalesForce platform.
  8. Cloud-based services and technology environments are both familiar to you.


  • Traffic and parking problems are nonexistent.
  • Budget for breakfasts and lunches.
  • You will be part of a fast-paced international startup that represents enterprise clients.

Support Engineer Job Location:

Holon, Israel

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