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Taboola Hiring Software Development Team Leader

Lead the software development efforts of a team, coach and mentor team members as they achieve success, and monitor the growth of a highly qualified team of developers

  • Having a direct impact on billions of people discovering the internet
  • Developed a real-time platform to support over 1.4 billion users, 500,000 requests per second, and 40 TB of data each day for one of the world’s most extensive significant data operations
  • From project conception to release, coordinating the development of multiple complex concurrent systems
  • Working in an organization with a large scale and a fast pace
  • Improve the day-to-day activities of developers in R&D
  • We recently developed some of the following at Release Engineering:
  • R&D continues to run its 50K tests, 12M lines of code, regression tests, and validity checks at a 50 percent decrease in build time.
  • Developed tools for monitoring and pipelines for bigQuery
  • A system developed to automate the setup of dynamic staging environments for developers and test engineers
  • Our mobile products are built on an infrastructure that allows for testing and builds
  • Saved thousands of hours in development frustration by reducing CI failure rates by 60%
  • Kubernetes has developed a canary deployment model
  • The development of a clustering environment for Jenkins

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Here’s What We Do:

We provide Java, Kotlin, Artifactory, Jenkins, Kubernetes, BitBucket, Python, Cassandra, Prometheus, Docker, Selenium Grafana, Groovy, BigQuery, and more.


  1. The ability to lead and influence others and experience in people management
  2. Three years’ experience developing object-oriented programs in Java or equivalent
  3. Demonstrated leadership and management experience in system/software development
  4. Strong knowledge of monitoring tools such as ELK, Grafana, and Prometheus
  5. Understanding the production process
  6. Working knowledge of SQL and NoSQL
  7. I am highly proficient with the Linux operating system
  8. Working across several teams with proven results
  9. Computer science or a field related to it as a bachelor’s degree

Advantage: Experience handling large-scale releases engineering infrastructure

Job Function: Software Products

Industry: Information Technology

Specialization: IT Professional

Qualification: Graduates of any field

Employed Type: Full Time

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