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10 Best Freelancing Websites For Beginners

The freelance workforce in the U.S. accounted for 36% in 2020. Surprisingly, the percentage keeps growing. You have the freedom to choose your own work, projects, and clients, which opens up many possibilities for freelancers

Businesses are increasingly hiring freelancers to deal with work demands during the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, the number of freelance jobs for grocery shoppers, web developers, and other professionals has increased dramatically over the past few years. 

Freelancers know what an overwhelming task it can be to find jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve established an online portfolio. Freelancers can choose how many hours they would like to work. It is becoming obsolete to have a 40-hour workweek as people strive to find a work-life balance.

What Is Freelancing And How To Learn Freelancing

Working for free is not freelancing. Your skillset and your marketing efforts are your responsibility. Finding contacts and finding work is also your responsibility. Accounting for taxes and paying bills are also your responsibilities.

Additionally, the system allows you to choose the time and place where you are going to work, as well as how much you want to work. Freelance means gaining freedom from paid employment.

Is Freelancing Good For Beginners?

There is no difference in the conclusions of freelancers. Freelancers need to be organized, motivated, and goal-oriented to succeed. You may find freelance work using the following list of the best job websites for freelancers. 

You will also have to decide if you need a dedicated workspace. If you manage your time well, aren’t easily distracted, and can market yourself effectively. 

1- How Does Fiverr Make Money For Beginners?

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are connected through Fiverr. We are looking for freelancers and entrepreneurs to work on digital projects. This could include designing websites, writing websites, and recording voice-overs. 

Gigs and sellers are the terms used on the site. Shop owners are called buyers. Signing up for free is an alternative to sending outbids. They can set their own prices and list their gigs. Customers can browse classifieds to find their products. 

When a buyer buys a gig, the system charges their account and holds their money. 80% of the offered price will be sent to the freelancer once a commission is taken.

The amount of time it may take to withdraw the freelancer’s earnings is determined by their seller level. You can withdraw payments using: 

  • PayPal
  • A debit card
  • Or wire transfer. 

2- How Much Can A Beginner Make On Upwork?

Upwork is an online platform for connecting freelancers and clients in different industries. Upwork is a service I personally use as a writer and have frequently landed excellent contracts. Incompetent and scam profiles are weeded out by the site’s lengthy selection process. It also provides payment protection programs for both freelancers and clients.

By selecting jobs both in your field and matching your skills, you can narrow down your search results. You can eventually get hired by clients if you gain experience on Upwork and have good reviews. Each successful job you complete on Upwork costs a percentage.

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3- How Much Can You Make On Toptal?

Using Toptal, companies can find highly qualified freelancers with expertise in their industry. You can hire freelancers on Toptal from web developers to financial advisors to product managers. For freelancers to be eligible to apply to Toptal, they need to pass five screening steps. Each step consists of English assessments and project evaluations. 

When you’ve completed all the steps, you will be able to see job openings from top companies, including Motorola and Airbnb. If you fail, the application process may be put on hold for a few months.

Time tracking and invoicing can be done through TopTracker, dedicated service at Toptal. Using TopTracker, freelancers can see their entire invoice. Payoneer, Paypal, and direct bank transfers are the methods they accept. 

4- How Do I Make Money Learning Linkedin?

Like the other job sites mentioned in this article, LinkedIn isn’t a website for finding freelance jobs. It allows you to follow people related to your work and gain followers.

Your education and experience can be added to your resume by creating a LinkedIn profile. Through LinkedIn, you can find open positions and apply for them. Additionally, you can learn new skills or brush up on existing ones using the website’s learning platform. You can find a freelance job you’re interested in by using related keywords and sorting results by newest.

5- Can You Make Money On Flexjobs?

Flexjobs is a website specializing in flexible and remote employment opportunities, such as freelance, full-time and part-time. Various categories, including journalism and education, are featured. Flexjobs ensure that all jobs posted on the website are legitimate. Scams and fake companies are filtered out after the company verifies and screens all the job openings. Because it does not display advertisements on its homepage. 

Users must subscribe to search for freelance work. A weekly subscription plan begins at $6.95. Access to all job listings is included with every subscription. Additionally, you will receive career advice and complementary skills testing. PayPal or prepaid cards are accepted as payments for subscriptions. 

6- How Much A Beginner Can Earn From Blogging?

As an established provider of blogging solutions, ProBlogger was founded in 2004. When you’re blogging professionally, you’ll be able to earn money. We offer over 8,000 posts on blogging tips, in-depth tutorials, and blogging advice. Jobs on ProBlogger are mostly related to writing. It is a valuable resource for writers, copywriters, content writers, and editors.

Job offers are updated daily in the jobs section, where you can apply. Using ProBlogger and applying for jobs is free. Earnings aren’t deducted from your account. The service does not offer payment protection. Payment options are negotiated directly with clients.

7- How To Earn Moeny From Simplyhired?

The SimplyHired job board allows companies to post free job postings. Additionally, it gathers employment offers from across the web into one place. Finance and marketing are among the many freelance options available. By providing your city, state, or ZIP code, you will be able to see more relevant results.

The company pages on the site also provide more information on a company, such as its salary overview. Employee reviews are also included for the company. In exchange, you can gain access to a variety of job tools if you register. This includes salary estimators and resumes builders.

8- Can I Make Money On Guru?

Freelancers and employers can interact on Guru, another excellent website. Freelancers identify jobs that match their skills and apply for them. You can use the website for free, but for additional options and better freelance job opportunities, you must become a member. Your funds will be delivered to you when you use the website’s secure payment feature.

Contractors can offer fixed prices for short-term and long-term projects. The site offers several methods for withdrawing your earnings, including PayPal and wire transfers. With SafePay, freelancers are guaranteed to get paid timely. Basic membership is provided for free to all freelancers who sign up on this freelance website.

9- How Do Behance Make Money?

This is a different freelance site from the others on the list. It allows users to showcase their work and network with fellow creatives. Users can display animations, illustrations, websites, and graphic designs. No matter whether you are an independent designer, web developer, or animator. Behance allows employers to find you. Become an account holder and set up your profile.

You will be able to follow more profiles as it is a networking site. Your news feed will display more posts as a result. The result is more opportunities to work for yourself. A job list is also available on Behance. Personalized job recommendations will be sent to freelancers based on their skill-set and category. It will be easier to find freelance work based on one’s experience.

10- How Does Dribbble Make Money?

Creative talents can interact and collaborate on Dribbble, being exposed to each other. A website for building portfolios and promoting brands used by designers and artists. If you open your browser, you can find work opportunities on the job board. The website offers UI/UX and content creation jobs. 

Premium users cannot access job listings for freelance work. It usually costs between $5 and $15 per month to upgrade to Dribbble premium. An upgraded version allows users to upload a video and a multi-shot image to their profiles. Premium accounts are considered first in searches for hiring staff.

Conclusion of Best Freelancing Sites For Beginners

In 2021, these will be the best websites to make money online and find work. There are no complicated processes to finding work. Signing up and building a profile is typically all that is required to access most sites. Understand how payments, withdrawals, and service fees work.

You may be looking for a job as a web developer, social media manager, or finance consultant. Our recommended freelancer websites include:

Additionally, you can also find jobs as a writing, graphic designer, or illustrator if you are a creative person. To learn more, visit the websites below:

  1. Jobs with flexibility
  2. Fiverr
  3. Dribbble

Hopefully, you will be able to find the best freelance project for you. Feel free to leave questions, suggestions, or comments in the comments sections.

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