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8 Best New Social Media Sites For Keyword Research

SEO professionals can access a wealth of social media data through social media platforms. You can find keywords using social media. Here are a few ways. You might not think about social when you think of keyword research. The good news is that New Social Media can provide high-traffic keywords in a long-tail configuration.

Approximately three hours of a person’s day are spent on social media. These platforms collect information about:

  • How we work
  • The people we like
  • The places we visit
  • Clickable content.

The following best methods will help you identify keywords for content ideas, PPC advertising, and SEO.

1. What Are The Facebook Ad Targeting Options?

Your target audience probably doesn’t know everything about you. Our social platforms are the places where we share information about: 

  1. The lives we live
  2. The jobs we do
  3. Our favorite shows
  4. Our interests
  5. We buy many products

Advertisers on Facebook target ads based on this information. Using Facebook’s targeting options, you can learn what your audience enjoys and dislikes:

  • Place
  • Describe your age
  • Women and men
  • Describe your interests
  • Status of a relationship
  • Several languages
  • An education level is required
  • They work at a certain place


Other great sources for key terms are Facebook groups. You can find keyword ideas by looking at popular topics in industry groups.

New Social Media

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2. How Does Twitter Auto Search Work?

Content is not preserved for several hours like on some other platforms. Nearly real-time trends are posted on Twitter.

  • The Twitter feed makes it easy to find timely keywords.
  • Look in the Explore section for interesting topics.

Watch the topics under which you are trending. You are talking about topics that are relevant to your industry and area. Twitter is an excellent source of SEO topic ideas and long-tail keywords if you are, however.

3. How Do You Find Relevant Hashtags On Instagram?

Despite starting as a platform for sharing dog photos and avocado toast. It is now a legitimate search engine thanks to its user base. Find key terms by going to Instagram and searching. Check out the hashtags other users have added to their posts.

You want to share SEO content. You can discover recent posts using hashtags by searching for #SEO. My content creation, search engine optimization, and even paid advertising are boosted by these long-tail and related key terms. I can find even more keywords by searching each of those hashtags. In addition to using autocomplete, you can also find keywords using this feature. 

Suppose I want to find content about B2B marketing. Other Instagram users’ interests are shown to me by Instagram. By adding those hashtags to my Instagram keyword list, I can increase my reach and ranking.

New Social Media

4. How Do You Search For Keywords On A Youtube Video?

Videos of funny cats aren’t the only thing you can find on YouTube. According to Google’s data, it leads the top two search engines. If you are looking for related keywords, type the keyword into YouTube and see what you find: Some terms may be useless. Using the B2B search engine, this probably isn’t what you are looking for. Yet, it’s a good place to find topic ideas for your site and SEO keywords.

New Social Media

5. Dig Into Search Trends on Pinterest

You can also use Dig to find long-tail keywords you did not think to search for on your own. Comparisons are made between search engines like Google and Yahoo. Pinterest is best viewed as a destination where users can find the content they’ll like. When searching, you will find a lot of content about: 

  • Keyword analysis: a step-by-step guide
  • Make use of free software
  • Conducting search engine optimization research.

All of these keywords use for content creation or search engine optimization. By suggesting additions to a keyword, Pinterest autocomplete offers even more ideas.

6. How To Find Influencers On Linkedin And Connect

The social networking site has 722 million users, and engagement on the site is at record levels. LinkedIn should become your new home if you are in sales, marketing, or working with high-level decision-makers.

Along with watching what influencers say, you can also perform keyword research on LinkedIn. 

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box
  2. Finding influencers requires selecting the right people
  3. Click on See all activities to view all of their activities. 
  4. Their latest posts will be visible to you.

You can find hashtags and content ideas by looking at what groups they are part of. You can also find related terms on Linkedin using its autocomplete tool, just like YouTube and Instagram.

7. How Do You Search On Buzzsumo?

BuzzSumo lets you find: 

  • Topics that engage audiences
  • Connect with influencers
  • Monitor popular topics

Buzzsumo tracks content that is engaging across multiple platforms. It listens just about everywhere, so it is everywhere. Utilizing this algorithm displays the top content from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. In addition, the filters allow you to sort by: 

  1. A place
  2. It is a type of data
  3. Count the words
  4. The predominant reaction

Influencer search is also useful to me. Discover what the most influential people are talking about with this search tool.

8. Learn How To Use Social Listening Tools

Awario and Mention are social listening tools you may use. With these New Social Media tools, you don’t have to do the legwork by gathering all the hot topics people are discussing in one place. 

As well as filtering out the noise, you can also eliminate it. Discover industry trends, track brand names and locate influencers.

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