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How To Earn Money From Competitive Programming

It is common for people to begin learning how to earn money through code in the hope that they will obtain a good-paying position in the future. How about learning to get money through coding at a younger age? The same question crosses the minds of students in colleges around the country. 

They are especially engineering students who desire to become software engineers, as they are interested in coding. This blog aims to provide support and information for students who wish to support their lifestyles as they learn.

Students in engineering usually follow a familiar path. Computer science students, especially, follow a Competitive Programming track. You can improve your logical thinking skills and coding skills by becoming involved with them. It is valuable for jobs in software development in the future. College students may not be as interested, though. 

How to Earn Money Through Coding?

1- Is freeCodeCamp Worth Doing?

It would help if you learned to code before you could earn money coding. You will probably ask yourself, “Where do I begin? That was my question as well. Moreover, I decided to use freeCodeCamp as a starting point. The community is solid and accessible.

The freeCodeCamp website allows you to earn certificates for completing challenges and projects that teach you to code. This company organizes its curriculum in an intuitive format and breaks it up into challenges. There is a clear path to the end goal, and the structure makes it feel like a game.

Through Competitive Programming alone, you may not be able to make much money. Working on a Web, Android, iOS, or Desktop project requires technical knowledge. Competitive programming can earn you a fair amount of cash if you win various competitions online/offline. The most common programs and platforms include:

The GeekForGeeks website is a resource for students and working professionals in the computer sciences. Throughout the year, this website also holds coding events, including: 

  • Coding contest hosted by GSC
  • Contest for geeks to code
  • And so forth. 

This website provides a WFH internship for Technical Content Writers as part of its Writing Challenges. GeeksforGeeks also offers the opportunity to make money by writing articles. For more information, see GeeksforGeeks’ How to earn money from Get an Internship in Technical Content Writing.

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2. Is Codechef Good For Beginners?

Programmers can become successful by using CodeChef to master the complexities of algorithms, programming contests, and computer programming. Throughout the month, CodeChef hosts programming contests to revive your inner geek. In the middle and at the end of the month, there are two more minor programming challenges. 

During these sessions, we will also discuss algorithms. Things like binary search and array sizes will also cover. A programming competition platform will also provide. The CodeChef website also has various algorithm tutorials and forums to help beginners understand computer programming.

ACM ICPC, Monthly Cook-off challenges, and others help you earn. If you rank among the top participants in these competitions, you will receive a large sum of money. The rewards vary depending on the competition. The rewards make these competitions even more rewarding. Cash prizes award in several of Codechef’s contests. Three significant contests of the month are: 

  • Codechef Long
  • Two short contests
  • Cookoff and lunchtime.

3. Is Hackerearth Free To Use?

A platform like HackerEarth is beneficial to the lives of competitive coders. You can engage top developers with HackEarth’s hackathons or source them from the platform. It also allows you to assess, interview quickly, and upskill these candidates. Here are several challenges that can be participated in to hire new employees. 

Participants can enter the contests and are ranked within the predefined criteria if they score well. Participants then land interviews with excellent companies and get jobs. Additionally, the group organizes hackathons online. It allows students to take part and win incredible rewards and prizes.

4. Paying for College with Codeforces

Codforces is a complex and time-consuming tool for beginners. In addition, they become demotivated when they are unable to resolve problems. They believe they cannot complete the task.

CodeChef has a range of programming contests that include goodies, swag, and money as prizes. Never lose confidence in your abilities. You may come across some questions that puzzle you. The first time you encounter them, you won’t know how to solve them, however. Make sure you give adequate time to solving the problem and watch for editorials. Don’t be afraid to ask your seniors for help when you get stuck. Remember, nothing is impossible, so don’t let yourself get demotivated.

5. Can I Learn Coding with LeetCode?

Learn how to code on one of the best platforms available. Letcode has a variety of challenges, contests, and mocks that reward the best submissions. The problems are also fun and challenging. It intends to prepare you for coding rounds in interviews.

The combination of having a good understanding of a domain and competitive programming always consider valuable. If you have that combination, you have many opportunities. There are a few excellent options below:

6- Is Freelancing Good For Beginners?

The Freelancer website offers freelance opportunities. You can find both freelancers and employers there. Developers and coders are looking for freelance opportunities, as well as clients searching for freelancers. You are working part-time to develop a working product/software for a company, startup, or individual. The employer signs a contract with you, and you receive payments based on the contract terms.

7- Is It Possible To Use Only Open Source?

Students can learn and earn from programs such as Google Summer of Outreachy, RGSOC Code, and more. It is also an excellent asset for your resume when applying for jobs with renowned multinational companies. Google Summer of Code is the most well-known open-source initiative. 

It has a high reputation for relevance and effectiveness. It allows you to take part in inspiring projects with mentoring from highly experienced mentors from trustworthy organizations. After completing the program, you will receive 3000 USD as a stipend for your time.

8- Why Is Internship Good For Students?

You are taking up internships at various organizations/companies, earning a stipend per month. The internship search websites Internshala, Let’s Intern, Indeed, and LinkedIn are excellent. A monthly stipend usually mentions in the offer letters you receive from companies. 

You can do better by being patient and not rushing. Get a good grasp on Competitive Programming by taking your time. You can participate in these competitions and have a chance to win. Suppose you’re interested in learning about a particular industry. You will always find the developer community to be supportive. You must be willing to strive if you want to succeed.

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