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8 Best Ways to Earn Money From GitHub

GitHub is a platform that helps developers ship, maintain, and develop their software. In just a few years, GitHub has become known as an extremely popular and sophisticated platform. Likely, no developer in the world hasn’t heard of GitHub. However, many people don’t know that GitHub can earn you some extra cash.

Do not use it as your primary income source. The amount of income depends on several factors.

  • Your repository quality
  • Flow of traffic
  • Stars
  • The activities

These are five practical ways you can make money working on open-source projects and writing open-source code on GitHub. It is possible to earn anywhere from $5 to $30,000 per month by managing Github repositories. You can profit from GitHub in the following ways:

1- How Does Github Make Money From GitHub Sponsors

Sponsorship is a real thing on GitHub. If your project is sponsored, you will receive funding. Particularly if you use your project by successful businesses. Earnings are possible for any repository. However, the big question is why firms would invest. Find out whether any reputable firms are using your project. 

They may support you if it needs regular updates. There are times when building that thing from scratch is more expensive than supporting you. If your repository is used by a company, you should contact them.

Additionally, people will be able to contact you if they are interested in your repository if you provide your contact information in the README. People usually find funding this way. You might want to keep this in mind for SaaS projects. Not only companies but also individual developers can pay you for your work. 

In order to enable GitHub sponsorship, you must apply for it. In the absence of an application, you must prove you are contributing valuable content. Increasing sponsors’ interest in your project. A wise financial advisor suggested these tips:

  1. Create good, useful stuff.
  2. Build an audience for your work.
  3. Charge a reasonable and impactful amount.
  4. Be confident about your sponsorship and income.
  5. Make money without feeling guilty. It is possible to earn a good income and help the environment.

Earning from github sponsors: 

The opportunities are endless when it comes to earning. Your earnings are determined by how much your sponsors fund you. Here’s a story about an app developer who makes $100k/year just from sponsors.

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2- Warrants Or Open Issues of GitHub

The John Wick movies starring Keanu Reeves are probably all familiar to us. We killed someone who belonged to a secret underground world of assassins in a place of no murder. The reward for Wick is $14 million.

There was no shortage of killers who wanted to take him out. The developers also had bounties to take out. However, not for squishing anyone, but for identifying bugs and reducing them. Many open-source projects have funding mechanisms for solving problems. GitCoin is one of the most popular sites for finding this kind of bounty. Here are a lot of listed issues that can pay for completion.

It is going to cost around $3,000 to $10,000 to solve some of the issues. Your coding skills are excellent, however, as is your problem-solving attitude. First, you need to learn about other people’s projects, and then you can contribute.

Furthermore, you must have a solid understanding of working on projects on GitHub. Whatever your plans are for bounty hunting, this is an essential skill. This site is regularly updated and offers good bounty money. There are several bounty amounts between $2k and $10k today. A total of $34.1M has been pumped into open source projects only through Gitcoin. At the moment, 311,668 people are actively developing.


Bounties are generating incredible amounts of income for developers. Check out the leaderboard of Gitcoin top earners. An issue resolver earned roughly 2.25 million USD last year.

3- What is Marketplace in GitHub?

Any tools you have developed that developers will find useful or productive. If you sell them on GitHub, you can earn money. Organic customers may appear here as well. I hope your products will generate a lot of buzz with word-of-mouth marketing. 

It is therefore important to possess both technical and business knowledge to earn money this way. Your tools should be marketed and sold by a good business partner. 

It might take some time to get to where you want to be. Although the technical part might not require much time later. 95% of the earnings go-to software developers, and 5% go to GitHub. The company has changed its policy from taking 25% to 5%.


Your chances of selling your tools depend on how many developers use/buy your tools. Using a tool called pull reminder, Abi Noda reportedly got from $0 per month to $4k per month within six months. Teams can use this tool to improve code review processes and keep track of pull requests.

4- Using GitHub to Find Bugs

Many popular websites offer money to keep track of bugs and security holes in their software. GitHub Security Bug Bounty is a program run by its security team. You should submit all issues to GitHub as soon as you find them. Your reward depends on the severity of the bug and its veracity.

As for GitHub Security, the program rewards researchers and developers for finding critical bugs with a cash prize of up to $30,000. Report the bugs to GitHub as soon as you find the details. In addition to the bug hunting leaderboard, Github maintains a bug bounty program.


GitHub Security estimates that at least one day and a half require to fix up to $30,000 of bugs

5- Hiring A Local Firm To Raise Money

The first step to becoming a GitHub campus expert is to become a campus expert for your school or university. 

  • Your school or university wants to promote an event
  • Each ambassador receives a certain amount from GitHub.
  • Event formats can range from workshops to talks, depending on the topic. 

6- Experts at GitHub Campus

Campus Experts support the creation of diverse and inclusive spaces by: 

  1. Develop skills
  2. Feel free to share your experiences
  3. We should work together to build projects.

Applying to the Campus Expert program is the first step in becoming a Campus Expert. Access the application through your GitHub account. As a student, in addition to learning a lot, you will have the chance to contribute to an active global community. 

  • You could greatly enhance the value of your resume by doing this.
  • Apply here for a job position.
  • Open-source projects primarily use to motivate students. Events or workshops about these projects require.

7- Accepting Ads For Your Repository

Ads can display in the repository using CodeSponsor. GitHub’s terms of service agreement changed recently, so this option is unavailable now. These terms prohibit advertisements from outside the platform.

8- Get Money For Your Github Project

It is possible that companies interest in financing your repository because:

  • Due to your repository’s usage, the company wants to help.
  • A logo is requested for your readme file.
  • Contact the developers of the firm that uses your repository. Ask them to convince Human Resources to authorize financing for your repository.

You can provide your email address in the readme to find out if a company is interested in including its logo. You will receive contact information directly from them.


You should note that you can only enable GitHub Sponsorship once you apply for it. In addition, ensure that your work adds value for other users, developers, and firms. This will likely prevent others from sending you money and sponsoring your work.

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