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11 Best Google Maps Settings Everyone Should Be Using

Every time you travel, you should see a new place. Whenever you visit a new site, you will probably instinctively pull up Google Maps Settings. It’s the best navigation and traffic update tool on the market. However, it is valid even if used daily. Some of its better features may not have been utilized by you. We recommend that you check out the many tools the service offers.

1- Check Your Navigation Settings

The change of a crucial navigation setting has left too many people stranded and delayed. Google Maps may have guided you away from toll roads during a trip, and you forgot about it. Moreover, you can use Google Maps to explore longer on your next trip since it remembers the google maps settings.

  • In Google Maps, tap the icon for your profile and then click on: 
  • Under Settings > Navigation, select Navigation.
  • Select the correct options under Route options. 
  • It’s not a good idea to avoid highways.

2- How Do I Go On Incognito?

Suppose you don’t tell Google Maps not to. Incognito mode uses to stop Google Maps from tracking your movements. Turn on the incognito mode by tapping the profile icon.

It will help if you use Incognito mode when you visit any website. That site will track your browsing activity once it knows you are the one browsing. You can prevent your activity or location from being visible to the websites you visit by following these steps: 

  • The school you attend
  • In the workplace, an employer
  • As well as contacting your ISP, you can send an e-mail.

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3- How Do I Pause Google Location History?

  1. Make sure Google Maps do not track your location history
  2. So, the maps data for your profile view by tapping your profile icon. 
  3. On the Location History tab, tap On. 
  4. Your Google account’s Activity Controls page will appear.

You can stop google maps settings from storing your Google Maps locations by selecting Pause next to Location History. Adding or removing saved places can also be accomplished by tapping Manage activity. 

4- Can Google Maps Be Used Offline?

  • We live in places where internet connectivity is decent. We can travel to remote areas where infrastructure is weaker. 
  • Be sure to download maps so you can use them offline if you’re planning such a trip. However, it is better than being without cellular service and lost.

Google maps settings offer an Offline maps feature if you select the profile icon. When you tap Set your map, a zoomed-out location you’re in will appear. In Google Maps, you can view how much storage space downloaded maps will take up before downloading them. For 30 days after the date of downloading, you can use offline maps.

5- Can You Plot Multiple Stops On Google Maps?

I am considering that you use Google Maps for planning trips. To simulate a journey, you will make stops along the way. You should prepare for the visits in advance. On Google Maps, you will usually see the shortest route between two points, however, if you plan to stop at a few other places on the way. Your ETA will be more realistic after you add this to the route.

Google maps settings are your first stop for plotting your route. By doing this, you will be able to add a new location. To move the icon with three horizontal lines between each stop, you can drag it before or after the destination.

6- Remember To Leave

Additionally, Google Maps will also send you an alert around that time. It would help if you left to reach your destination on time. 

  • Go to Google Maps and enter where you’re leaving and where you’re going, 
  • Tap the three-dots icon at top-right 
  • Leave a reminder by selecting this option. 
  • On the Depart tab, you can choose when to depart
  • Click on Finished
  • Once you choose the time, Maps will notify you.

By selecting Arrive by, you will specify when you wish to arrive at your destination. Google Maps will calculate the best departure time. Thus, you arrive at your destination on time and are then informed when you need to leave.

 7- Can You Change Vehicle Icon On Google Maps?

Suppose you’re taking one of these incredible road trips. It is a quick way to add a minor, enjoyable feature to Google Maps. Would you please tap on the blue arrow that appears as the default icon for vehicles to access them? Also, you’ll see icons for other cars. It’s as simple as picking one you like.

  1. Launch Google Maps on your device.
  2. Click on the blue Directions button.
  3. Plan your route and destination.
  4. Start by tapping the screen.
  5. Activate the vehicle icon once the Navigation is underway
  6. To select your new vehicle, swipe from left to right and then tap on the desired icon.

8- Provide Custom Public Transit Options

A train icon is also found below the destination area of Google Maps. If you select this option, you’ll be able to view public transport schedules and routes for your journey. It is the customization of this route option that makes it so attractive. When you select public transport, the Options button will appear.

There are several useful options here, including 

  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Cheapest
  • So, the preferred form of public transportation.

9- Where Can You Get Vaccinated?

Vaccination centers are available if you need one. You can find vaccine centers near me by typing vaccine centers near me into Google Maps Settings. You can get the job by using the app. The application also informs you if you will require an appointment before being able to get the vaccination.

10- How to Share Real Time Location on Google Maps

Some people find this creepy, but it is a valuable safety feature in certain situations. Close family members or friends can monitor your location for some time if you feel unsafe. In addition, this feature is helpful when you are heading to a friend’s house and want to know how far away you are.

  • You can access this feature in Google Maps by tapping the profile icon and selecting Location sharing
  • If you wish to share your location for an hour, tap For 1 hour and then tap Share location to get started. 
  • Using other apps, you may send a link that contains your real-time location. By selecting a contact from the list or by tapping More options.

11- Find Out More About Local Businesses

There is no guarantee that local businesses will provide what you need. It is possible to find directions to your industry using Google Maps. Then tap the About tab, which is located below the business’s name.

The lot information includes such information as whether it is accessible to wheelchairs. Alternatively, the business is owned by an ethnic minority.

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