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13 Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency, so you want to ensure your efforts don’t go to waste. As Bitcoin Cash is one of the largest cryptocurrencies, you should make sure the amount you have accumulated stays there to increase it. As a result, a safe and secure wallet can help achieve this, but some great tools for storing Bitcoin Cash? Here you will find detailed information on choosing the Best Bitcoin Cash wallet.

What Is a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

Bitcoin Cash was introduced in August 2017 for Bitcoin transactions, and it was designed to offer people faster transactions and lower transaction fees. A Bitcoin Cash wallet, in other words, is a cryptocurrency wallet used to store Bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Cash wallets are becoming increasingly popular, but you may not realize just how many are available. There are many options, and it is hard to decide which one would be the best option or the most reliable and safe. The list below provides a list of Bitcoin Cash wallets that you can use to make an informed choice.

Features of Best Bitcoin Cash Wallet

All hardware wallets for Bitcoin Cash have many features which make Ledger Nano S the best. These include:

  • Multiple currencies: It’s easy to store and manage various digital currencies in a single wallet
  • Good display: The wallet is small but has an integrated screen with physical buttons to make it easy to use
  • Backup your account: The Ledger Nano S comes with a recovery sheet to simplify the process of restoring your account
  • With the Ledger Nano S, you are certified and authenticated by well-known organizations like GitHub, Google, Dashlane, and Dropbox.
  • You can use it not only as a wallet but as a gadget that can run other applications like U2F or SSH or even write your own.

13 Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets

1- Ledger Nano S wallet for Bitcoin Cash

A key feature of Ledger Nano S is that it’s a hardware wallet, plus it’s very portable, so you can carry it wherever you go. PIN codes are required to access the secure elements where your private keys are stored. Furthermore, an extra layer of security is provided by the 2-factor authentication feature when authenticating. It is necessary to connect the wallet to the computer’s USB port for it to work.

The Ledger Nano S is easy to use, and you can also use it to work with over 20 currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic. It provides a transparent OLED display that makes checking your transactions fast and easy. To confirm any transaction, you need to push buttons on the device.

2- Trezor Cash Wallet

A hardware wallet like trezor is a smart option for the best bitcoin cash wallet because the device is also a hardware wallet. You can connect the device to your computer or laptop using the USB port, and it has a PIN code for protection. When you confirm your transaction, you can quickly check the details of your marketing on the built-in display. As with the Ledger Nano S, a physical key is also required to secure and verify transactions, as with the Ledger Nano S. Setting up the device is very simple.

Not only is the wallet extremely secure because of its portability and PIN code, but it is also highly secure because of the two-factor authentication.

3- Coinomi Bitcoin Cash Trezor

The Coinomi wallet makes storing Bitcoin Cash straightforward. The platform features a friendly user interface and is available for smartphones, and private keys are included. 

4- Electron Cash

Electron Cash can be used both on the desktop and mobile, making it an incredibly convenient option. The app can be downloaded from the Android Market and used on Windows, Linux, and OS X. The platform provides multiple functionality and grants you control over your private keys as an added security feature.

Unfortunately, iOS devices do not have an app, and therefore, Apple users cannot use this platform.

5- Jaxx Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Jaxx is a wallet compatible with multiple platforms and can also be used for various cryptocurrencies. In addition to making cryptocurrencies more accessible, the venue was designed to make them easier to work, and the interface is simple to use and understand.

Besides supporting Windows and OS X systems, it is also compatible with Chrome browser extensions and iOS and Android devices. In addition, a wallet issue in June 2017 resulted in the theft of $400,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

6- Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Bitcoin Cash Client

Bitcoin Unlimited released a new version of its Bitcoin Cash, which now supports BCH. Despite this, it’s an unofficial release, and the BU community can vote as to whether it should accept Bitcoin Cash. You can access it with a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer.

7- UAHF Client for Bitcoin Classic

Bitcoin Classic released a desktop wallet called Bitcoin Classic 1.3.2. The wallet supports BCH. So, following the Bitcoin Cash chain will be easy and convenient. People can use it with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.

8- CashAddress  Bitcoin Wallet

Cash Address, for example, is a paper wallet you can use too. You can create your paper wallets using the paper wallet script. Even though this is a safe option, hardware wallets are still superior.

9- KeepKey Cash Only Wallet

The KeepKey wallet is a hardware wallet. It’s pretty large and bulky, making it difficult to transport, supporting Bitcoin Cash. Fortunately, the support for five different cryptocurrencies makes up for it.

10- Atomic Cash Wallet 

If you download Atomic Wallet to your PC, you can use it as an application as well as a great wallet. It can store more than 500 coins and tokens with Atomic Wallet, and the wallet also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies.

11- Sugi Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Sugi Wallet keeps your cryptocurrency and private keys entirely offline and on the device at all times, so they are secure. A PIN is required to access it, and you can use cryptocurrencies just like bank cards. Additionally, the platform does not touch or block your funds.

12- Wallet for CoinBase

CoinBase is an excellent place to buy Bitcoin Cash if you are a first-time cryptocurrency buyer. Additionally, it has two-factor authentication for your account, ensuring that your funds and accounts are always protected.

13- The Bottom Line Cash Wallet

If you value the safety of your cryptocurrency, you need to find the best Bitcoin Cash wallet. Comparing the wallets above allows you to choose one that meets your needs and is as secure as possible.

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