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How to Make Money on Medium 2022 – Earn up to 1000$ 

Quite common for people to have a knack for converting thoughts into words. But only a few of them think that this passion can be turned into a source of income. How to make money on medium? Today, due to the rise of blogs on the Internet, there is an undeniable need for content writers. Writers can now publish their work online and earn money from it, thanks to the rise of online publications and blogs.

Content writers can now receive payment without any hassles from a number of online platforms today. A good example is Medium.com, an online blogging platform that allows writers to sign up for free, submit their articles, and get paid after a month. Here’s how to make money with Medium. Let’s get started.

What Is Medium And How Does It Work?

A minimalist blog platform like Medium is one of the easiest I’ve seen. Former Twitter CEO Evan Williams founded the publishing platform Medium in 2012. The platform facilitates the sharing of content between publishers and bloggers as well as the creation of new articles.

How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

As a whole, Medium is an excellent platform for learning to write blogs or reading some great content.

There are a number of popular topics on Medium, including:

  • The technology
  • In the culture
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Imagination
  • Political science
  • Publications
  • Input/Output

How to Start Writing on Medium and Make Money?

  1. It is generally useful to understand how a platform makes money before you can understand how they can pay you.
  2. Users of Medium can read up to five articles per month.
  3. If readers want access to any content beyond that point, they must become members of Medium for $5/month.
  4. Media has not been successful with traditional advertising methods.
  5. In the end, Medium has primarily relied on monthly subscriptions and fundraisers to power its platform.
  6. I’m genuinely curious to see how Medium will monetize their platform as a growing business.
  7. Presently, the focus is on Medium members and content quality.

Can You Make Money On Medium With Author Bonuses

After posting my phone farming guide on Medium for 24 hours and receiving Partner bonuses, I made $100:

  • It’s still a fairly new concept, but earning bonuses on Medium is indeed exciting.
  • A Medium Partner will be compensated for quality work with bonuses in March.
  • In a Partner Program email, they explained that a few dozen stories would be rewarded with Medium bonuses every week, so don’t depend on them for income.
  • You have to admit, though, that if you’re looking for a platform to earn money from writing, then choosing one that actively rewards quality submissions should be an easy decision.

Ultimately, it’s really encouraging to see Medium putting effort into rewarding quality, paying their writers, and encouraging interesting content.

How Much Does Medium Pay Per 1000 Views?

  1. In true Medium style, the platform continually changes to assist authors in earning more money.
  2. A Medium Partner Program email recently explained the new structure of author bonuses.
  3. Media’s new author bonus structure encourages top-performing writers to write more by giving them additional cash.
  4. There are currently three bonus tiers:
  5. Earn an extra $500 bonus if you are among the top 1,000 writers.
  6. Join our top 1,001 – 1,500 writers and earn an additional $100 bonus.
  7. Earn an extra $50 bonus if you are in the top 1,501 to 2,000 writers.

I think it’s pretty sweet that Medium is providing extra money to the top 2,000 writers on the platform who are already making the most money.

Traffic And Reach For Bloggers In Medium

  • It’s my own platform, so I like writing in This Online World. Writing about what I want, choosing my own design, and deciding how to monetize the site is all up to me.
  • Medium is not under your control.
  • On the other hand, you can generate a large amount of traffic by posting on Medium.
  • The Alexa ranking of Medium places it 137th in the U.S. and 272nd in the world.
  • The blogging platform also attracts more than 60 million monthly readers, and although their algorithm is not fully understood, Medium is a powerful platform with great potential.
  • The entrepreneurship section of Medium even trended the article, which further increased readership.
  • The monthly traffic generated by Medium and its established audience is an advantage for Medium bloggers.
  • A medium can also benefit your website’s SEO profile without sacrificing it.

Increase Your Reach With Medium Publications

It is also possible to approach various Medium publications and ask them to publish your writing if you are having trouble gaining views or making money through your writing.

Guest writers and regular contributors are welcome at many of Medium’s publications. It has a huge number of popular publications.

As of right now, I am able to contribute to three different publications that I did not have to apply for. It is the best thing about writing for Medium Publications that you will still be paid for your work, whether it is syndicated or not.

Your published stories can be edited and added to publications after you have been approved to contribute. After your story has been accepted, everyone who follows the publication will have access to it, which could mean an increase in views, claps, and ultimately, profits.

Feel free to send out an email or send a direct message to Medium Publications! If you use this method, you may find that you make more money on Medium each month.

How to Earn from Medium

Medium is an online platform for publishing articles where people can get paid to post their articles of various niches and get noticed by people. It was founded by Evan Williams. Now you may be wondering, “how can I make money from my Medium content? Here are a few examples: Here’s how you can do it:

  • Medium Partner Program
  • Affiliate Marketing

How Do You Become A Medium Partner Program?

As a member of the Medium Partner Program, your articles can earn you money. Follow these steps to become a member:

  1. Start by signing up for Medium.
  2. Click the image of your profile after signing up.
  3. Select Medium Partner Program.
  4. Accept the Medium terms and conditions and proceed to the payment setup.
  5. Finally, link your debit card or bank account to Medium now and start earning.

As you publish your article, you’ll see the checkbox to make your article eligible for the money. Click the checkbox and publish. Once you publish an article, Medium will pay you.

There are two ways that Medium pays its writers:
  • The total time members have spent reading your articles.
  • Within 30 days of reading your article, a non-member will also become a member and the writer will receive a bonus.
  • The curators of Medium will review the article once it is submitted under this program. Your article will be recommended to members if it meets the website policy and content guidelines.
  • The following process can be done if you had previously posted articles on this online platform but weren’t aware of the partner program.
  • You need to edit your article.
  • In the upper right corner, click on three dots.
  • Then click on Manage distribution settings.
  • You can also allow curators to recommend my story to other readers by checking the box beneath the Save button.

Once you learn more about this program, you can choose a topic and create an article to publish on Medium. You can become a partner by following the steps outlined above.

Can Beginners Do Affiliate Marketing?

The process of affiliate marketing involves earning commissions for the sale of another company’s products. You will earn money from sales of the product or service when a user clicks on the links provided in this article.

Many business owners today are promoting their products and services online through social media and other online platforms. The affiliate marketing industry includes several programs, such as ShareASale, Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc., which you can join. Choose any program according to your niche and begin earning money immediately.

Best Tips How to Make Money on Medium

You can easily earn money by following some tips:

  • Your articles should always be focused on a particular niche.
  • As an example, you can write about technology or entertainment on your blog.
  • Your article on Medium needs to be shared on social media.
  • Get ready for the long haul. The money won’t come right away, and it will take time.
  • Until you reach your goal, keep posting.
  • SEO is your friend when you are writing your article.
  • Check Google trends for different keywords.
  • You should use the keywords in your article title and body to get more traffic from Google. 

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