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How To Fix Netflix VPN That Is Not Working [10 Easy Fixes]

A universal truth that Netflix actively blocks VPNs. How to fix netflix VPN that is not working? Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a VPN, connecting to a server, and getting ready to binge a new show, only to get the proxy error following the connection.

There is a blocking of the IP address by Netflix that is preventing VPNs from working with Netflix. Connection to a different VPN server usually resolves this issue, but sometimes that is not sufficient to fix it. You can also use Netflix application for watching videos, movies and much more.

How To Fix Netflix VPN That Is Not Working

Luckily, not all is lost – there are several methods you can try to fix Netflix not working with a VPN. These are 10 simple ways to fix the Netflix proxy error we’ve collected, tested, and tried.

How Are Netflix Streaming Errors Fixed?

When using VPNs, you may receive an error message stating, “You appear to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn these services off and try again.”

It means Netflix has blocked your IP address because it detects that it belongs to a VPN. Netflix, proxy error messages, can also appear when you don’t use a VPN – in those cases, there can be several different causes.

10 Easy Fixes To Netflix VPN Not Working

There is a reputation among Netflix users that VPNs are blocked. Check out the 10 simple ways below if your VPN got blocked and Netflix streaming is not working for you:

01. Switch To A Different Server

The new IP address you’ll get from connecting to a different server should not be blocked by Netflix. Some of the best VPN servers for Netflix are listed below to help you choose:

VPN provider:Best Netflix servers:
NordVPNUS, UK, and Japan
SurfsharkUK, Europe, US, and Japan
IPVanishUS and Canada

02. Provider Change For VPNs

It sometimes doesn’t matter what you do; a VPN won’t work with Netflix. You will only be able to watch Netflix with a VPN that works well with Netflix if you upgrade to one that does:

  • If you want to watch Netflix on the go, you need a good VPN. Currently, NordVPN offers the best discounts, with a discount of 63%
  • Try NordVPN for free or purchase a subscription
Provider Change For VPNs
  • Your device must be connected to a VPN before you can use it
device must be connected to a VPN
  • Get a VPN server connected and log in
VPN server connected and log in
  • Start watching Netflix right now by logging in to your account
How To Fix Netflix Vpn That Is Not Working

03. Clear Cache & Cookies

In some cases, Netflix cookies conceal your real location. Netflix can be accessed with a VPN by clearing your cache and cookies so you can use it with the VPN.

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04. Change Your Browser

Depending on your situation, you may only require a different web browser. Try opening Netflix on a different browser than you normally use to see if the experience is different. In our experience, the best browsers for us were Brave, Chrome, and Firefox.

05. PC Netflix Streaming

Depending on which libraries you try to access with Netflix, a VPN might work better on a computer than on a smart device (such as a phone or a tablet) or a gaming console, and VPN might work better on a computer than on a smart device.

06. Check To See If Network Administrator Blocks Netflix

Netflix might be blocked altogether by your network administrator if you cannot access it. You can change the network settings (if you’re the admin) or use another network altogether, like your mobile data.

07. Check With VPN Customer Support To Find The Best Server

VPNs sometimes let you choose a specific server in a certain country. In such a case, ask the support team which servers are best for Netflix or streaming.

08. IP Address For Residential Use (Dedicated)

Considering you own your dedicated IP address exclusively, Netflix is unlikely to block it due to overuse. Please browse our list of the best VPNs with a dedicated IP address to find a reliable VPN.

09. Verify The VPN’s DNS Servers

VPNs that work with Netflix the best usually have their own DNS servers, such as NordVPN. By searching Google for VPNs with their own DNS servers, you can find any VPN that has its own DNS server. Changing your VPN provider would be a good idea in that case.


Even if nothing else works, it is worth trying if nothing else does. Despite the fact that there is no guarantee that it will work, it is worth a try if everything else requires it as well. Please be aware that disabling IPv6 may cause issues with other websites or platforms.


  • Select Network from the System Settings menu
  • Select wifi, then select Details of the wifi network you are connected to
  • TCP/IP should be chosen. The Link-Local Only option can be found in the dropdown menu near Configure IPv6


  1. Navigate to the Settings menu from the Menu.
  2. You can select Network & Internet there.
  3. Next, go to Advanced Network Settings and select Change Adapter.
  4. Your adapter (Ethernet or wifi) should be visible in the list.
  5. You can find Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) here. It should be unchecked.

How Do I Unblock Netflix Without A VPN?

Licensing prevents certain shows from being viewed outside of certain countries. The rights to broadcast or stream a show or a movie may be held by someone other than Netflix. Therefore, Netflix can’t add content to that country. VPNs are increasingly used to circumvent licensing-induced blocks.

The streamers and Netflix both lose money if someone streams the show from another location. To prevent geoblocking in other regions, Netflix actively blocks all VPN IP addresses.

How Do I Get Rid of Proxy Error?

There could be several reasons why you’re still getting a Netflix proxy error without using a VPN or proxy:

  • Netflix is blocked because your work or school network uses a proxy or VPN for security reasons
  • The ISP (Internet Service Provider) routes your traffic through servers located in another country than you, so Netflix thinks you’re using a VPN
  • A VPN IP address still appears in your cookie and cache settings if you have used one before

Conclusion – How To Fix Netflix VPN That Is Not Working

Geo-restricted Netflix shows and movies can be accessed using a VPN, a tried and tested method. It takes measures to block VPN usage, but sometimes it succeeds, resulting in proxy and streaming errors. Although this issue is annoying, there are solutions.

A different server, clearing cookies and cache, or streaming Netflix on a PC can fix the Netflix streaming error. Nevertheless, you might want to consider a new VPN provider if none of these options work. Netflix users should consider NordVPN as an example. With thousands of servers worldwide, Netflix has very little chance of blocking them all.