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How To Share A Post In Multiple Facebook Groups At Once

Is it common for you to manage several Facebook groups on a daily basis? You can get bored and time-consuming if you share a post in multiple facebook groups at same time. Third-party tools can be used to manage multiple Facebook groups efficiently.

Use the same platform to schedule posts for your groups so you don’t have to keep copying and pasting. Multiple Facebook groups can be posted to at the same time with this method.

Multi-Group Posting On Facebook

Businesses need to establish Facebook groups as hubs of activity. With this Facebook feature, you can form a like-minded community and communicate directly with your target audience. Posts in such a sphere are, by definition, effective marketing tools.

A community that’s just starting up can easily lose momentum due to the number of Facebook groups formed and disbanded daily. If you want your Facebook groups to grow and remain active, update them daily. You can simplify this task with a tool like Circleboom.

How To Share A Post In Multiple Facebook Groups – Step By Step Guide

The Circleboom Publishing Tool can handle any scheduling requirement you have, no matter if you are using Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, My Business,, or all at the same time. Posts can be queued, scheduled, or published simultaneously across multiple social media accounts with a few clicks.

With the app, you can cross-post content from multiple Facebook groups you’re an admin of without opening Facebook. It is how it works.

Step 1: Create A Circleboom Account

Its users can choose from several subscription plans offered by Circleboom. Your Circleboom app can be connected to unlimited social media accounts depending on your chosen tier. The app is free for 14 days, so you can see whether it’s the right solution for you, regardless of your subscription.

You can sign up for a Circleboom account by following these steps:

  1. Visit Circleboom’s website.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, you will find a button that says Get Started.
  3. Dropdown menus are available for selecting social media management tools.
  4. Click Create an account after filling in the necessary fields.

During the process, the app will guide you.

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Step 2: Circleboom Connects To Facebook

Once you’ve created your Circleboom account, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you can schedule posts. Before beginning, you must link your social media account (here, Facebook). The Circleboom app must also be added to the Facebook groups you’ll manage, as explained below.

  1. Click the button on your dashboard that says “Facebook Group” to connect your Facebook groups with Circleboom.
  2. Go to Facebook and log in.
  3. Circleboom asks which Facebook groups you want to add when you add them.

Circleboom must be added to the group before it can be connected. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into Facebook.
  2. Under the “Groups” menu in the sidebar, you’ll find it.
  3. You can edit a group by selecting it. If it doesn’t appear, click See more.
  4. From the left-side menu, select Settings.
  5. The menu will drop down. Select Apps.
  6. The pencil icon lets you edit the list.
  7. Circleboom can be added to your group by pressing Add apps.
  8. Connect Facebook Groups to your Circleboom by repeating these steps.

You can select groups from Circleboom once you have added Circleboom to your Facebook Groups.

  1. Add groups by checking the boxes next to them.
  2. To add a Circleboom, click on Add.

Step 3: Write A Post

The app is now ready for you to post your first post after you’ve added your Facebook groups to it.

  1. Circleboom’s sidebar has a pencil icon. Click it.
  2. Select Create New Post to create a platform-compatible entry. Editing your post will be possible there.
  3. Your post will be published on your selected platforms under Select Account. In addition, all your connected accounts will appear in a new panel on the right.
  4. You can select as many Facebook groups as you want.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Fill out the appropriate fields with the contents of your post.
  7. Here are some features Circleboom’s post editor offers to help you make your post more interesting:
  • Use emojis in your posts.
  • Photo or video uploads are welcome.
  • Gifs can be found on Giphy.
  • Add an Unsplash image to your post.
  • Using Canvas API, you can design your graphics.

Right on the page, you’ll see a preview of your post. The next step can be taken when you’re satisfied.

You can also easily share articles that align with your interests with Circleboom. In the sidebar, click “Discover Articles” to start discovering new articles. Then, with just one click, you can share articles to your Facebook groups based on your areas of interest.

This feature is perfect if you don’t feel inspired to create original content but still want to maintain your posting schedule.

Step 4: Post To Multiple Facebook Groups At The Same Time

Choosing when to post your post to each of the Facebook groups you chose earlier is the last step before it goes live. The following options are available through Circleboom:

  • Your post can be queued and posted automatically at specific intervals.
  • Your post can be scheduled, and you can choose the exact time and date when it will go live.
  • Posts can be published immediately by pressing Publish.
  • Let us manage your social media accounts while you focus on other things. Choose the option that suits your needs.

Share A Post In Multiple Facebook Groups Instantly – Conclusion

A business online presence is incomplete without social media, so sharing content on social media has become necessary.
Whether you manage accounts on multiple social media platforms or multiple groups on the same one, Circleboom makes scheduling and cross-posting a breeze. The post simultaneously to multiple Facebook groups using the steps outlined above.

Is managing multiple Facebook groups also overwhelming for you? Could you save some time by cross-posting your content? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.