Home Games Carx Street PS5 Version 0.9.2 Full Game Setup | Release Date, News & Reviews

Carx Street PS5 Version 0.9.2 Full Game Setup | Release Date, News & Reviews

The open-world racing game carx street ps5 lets players display their skills on various maps. A driver’s skill set is unique to them. Need For Speed immediately comes to mind when discussing open-world road racing games. With CarX Drift Racing 2, players can race down freeways and urban streets while drifting at high speeds.

New Carx Street PS5 Game 2023 Release Date

In CarX Street PS5, you will experience the freedom of a street racer in a dynamic and open environment. You can become a legend in Sunset City if you accept the challenge. With CarX racing game, you will experience high-speed drift races on highways and city streets. With CarX Technology part tuning, you can create the car of your dreams.

It’ll exhilarate you after exploring CarX Street and the thrilling car races! You can conquer clubs, hit top speeds, and drift!

Carx Street PS5 App Detail Information

UpdateJun 7, 2023
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
Get It OnGoogle Play

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  • Drift through turns at top speed or drive at top speed. You get to decide!
  • By joining clubs, beating bosses, and proving that you are the best driver in the city, everyone will know you are the best!
  • Choosing parts that are right for your vehicle can improve its performance.
  • Your cars will be divided into collections based on the race mode.
  • Dynamic change of day and night. It’s always possible to get behind the wheel.


  • Car-building system with detailed instructions.
  • Make your car race-ready by swapping parts.
  • Vehicles must upgrade their engines, transmissions, bodies, suspensions, and tires.
  • Swap your car’s engine to make it unique.


You can customize mirrors, headlights, lights, skirts, bumpers, rims, and many other features! With a unique look, your car will stand out.


  • Thanks to the impressive physics and controls, you can control your car.
  • A large open world and modern, high-quality graphics will impress you.

How To Get CarX Street APK for Android Devices

CarX Drift Racing Online and its sequel proved to be enormous successes, so developers decided to create a sequel called CarX Street, which was equally successful.

With Street, the developers will introduce an open-world sandbox for exploration in their first title. In addition, CarX Tech regularly updates the Street PC page with screenshots, providing us with a steady stream of images.

Is CarX Street PS Version 5 coming to PlayStation?

It’s as simple as looking up CarX Street on your favorite video game market, then waiting for it to get. Carx Street PS5 is just about bringing your dream car to the track and tuning it to a land-speed record within one inch. However, CarX Street is only as good as the car you buy and enjoy at this point. Multiplayer could make it even better in the future.

The game has two types of races, Sprints, and Races, each with requirements for what status a car must have to compete and the activities during a race.

As opposed to regular racing games, CarX Street APK will put you in some tough situations that you must quickly escape from. Among the many things you can do in this game is race, create communities, acquire assets, and maintain your properties.

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