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Parler APK v4.1.33 For Android Latest Version 2023

Parler is an app that enables users to interact on social media using speech. Unfortunately, it took off the Parler APK application Google Play and Apple’s App Store in some countries due to legal concerns. 

Most users who use Parler services actively were unable to access the app. However, Android users can sideload the APK file. Here, we will explain how to get and install the latest APK file for the Parler application on your Android device.

PARLER is a social media site that protects users’ rights and respects their non-biased opinions. Users can create their communities and enjoy real-time content. You can filter content using moderation tools. Verify your membership and take control of your social experience.

What is The Parler APK APP?

With this app, you can express your opinion online without fear of censorship. However, you can’t use it to share illegal content. Using the CEO’s words, let me make it clear.

Parler believes that you can say anything in New York on the streets.

Because the application offers no censorship, the moderators have to moderate the content entirely themselves.

Parler APK Details and Guide

With Parler apk, users can express their opinions in a social media app. The app is compatible with iPhones and Android phones, with over four million users of this microblogging app, which offers censorship freedom of speech.

Users can post textual content in the app, and You can share your thoughts without being censored, similar to Twitter. Unfortunately, Google has taken the app down from the Play Store after the Capitol incident in the United States because the mob used this platform for promoting violence.

Where is Parler for Android Now?

An app called Parler is popular among Donald Trump supporters, and Google has removed it from the online app store because the posts violate the platform rules and advocate violence, following the U.S. government strike on January 6th, 2021.

Is Parler For Android Easy To Use?

The French word parler refers to speaking or talking. A Parler profile is similar to Twitter in that you share your thoughts, and other users can leave comments about them.

The Parler app allows you to follow other users and even share what they say. It shows the same to your followers as well. Similar to retweeting on Twitter.

Parler is a more democratic version of Twitter that enables your right to speech. Protects your privacy and safety and treats everyone equally.

Features Of Parler App For Android

  • Learn about the latest news and information
  • Get Involved With Others
  • Verification of citizens by the Parliament
  • Learn more about sports, politics, entertainment, and news
  • Participate in official community statements and discussions
  • See photos and GIFs – dynamic media
  • Share, vote, echo, and comment on the parlays
  • Discussion and Moderation
  • Watch the latest videos and news headlines
  • Don’t miss out on the viral experience
  • Get to know who is following you
  • Find out if your Parlays were echoed or voted
  • Answer comments or echoes
  • Clique members can send you private messages
  • Share Parlays on social media and other mediums
  • Adding a photo, description, location, and background photo to your profile makes it stand out.
  • Get your message out to the world.

Can I use Parler App Safely?

The application has only been taken down from the play store. So installing the app from a third-party source should not cause any issues. Installing apps from untrusted sources might put you at risk of malware. Maybe your Android phone has been contaminated.

Conclusion of Parler Android APP

Parler Android APK is easy to get and install on your Android phone, as you can see. Parler is a social networking app, so be responsible. However, some censorship exists, which doesn’t mean you can post anything that might cause harm. Respect your fellow Parlour users by not using slang or tone that could lead to violence.

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