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Tentacle Locker Apk v1.3 For Android/iOS {Latest Version}

Virtual games such as Tentacle allow you to capture girls from colleges. Android and IOS smartphone users can access their files with tentacle locker apk mobile. The gaming universe is full of beautiful games created by talented people.

Some of them have dubious tastes but otherwise aren’t harmful. Other people call you Tentacle Locker, while some call you cops.

Tentacle locker Mod app is a highly entertaining game in which you have to talk to any young girl in a locker room. It is well known that the Tentacle locker mobile game is viral among gamers who enjoy playing this mobile game on their mobile devices.

What is Tentacle Locker Apk v1.3?

The Art Station created the Android and iOS game Tentacle Locker for Procreate labs and Digital Arts. Due to its gameplay and storyline, tentacle locker apk is also considered an adult game. Play this game by grabbing any college girl in the locker room and forcing her to wear skirts in a fun, re-enacted story. 

This tentacle locker game is a blast to play. Gamers can drag the tentacles to different places. They are making girls put on skirts. By grabbing a woman, you can peek at what’s going on inside her. You could also make some women wear various things by making them wear them.

In the beginning, this game was available only for PC users, but its popularity led to its introduction to various people. However, it’s important to note that game is intended for gamers 18—older due to gameplay and graphics.

Android Tentacle Locker Mod Apk v1.3

The Tentacle locker game app for Android offers very realistic 2D graphics that make this game very enjoyable and make you feel like you are playing a real game. 

  • Tentacle Locker’s gameplay, sound quality, and storyline are unique and exciting. That is why it is so popular. 
  • Hence, making the game settings, controls, and other aspects of the game simple to understand.
  • There is a heartbreaking game where girls need to wear their clothes and go to school locked up. 
  • You’ll be able to play a fun game where you can grab high school girls and make them wear skirts. 
  • During this game, you will have to clear a lot of gaming levels, making it so exciting and fun to play. 
  • Players can access their data safely and securely in this game. 
  • It costs no money to play the Tentacle Locker game. 

Tentacle Locker Easy Controls

By playing this game, you will be able to quickly understand the controls, which are considered the most important thing. We need precise or difficult-to-use controls when playing with cell phones or other gadgets. Your conversation should be exciting. So, there are many things to discover.

The GamePlay of Tentacle Locker Mod v1.3

Its excellent storyline makes Tentacle locker mobile get gameplay such an exciting and engaging one. A romantic or adult game in which you must force a college girl to wear skirts by catching her in her locker. 

The game contains a level with adult scenes. Similarly, the story and graphics are not appropriate for such gamers. Nevertheless, You can play the tentacle locker apk game without any problem on your Android or iOS device.

Is Tentacle Locker Android available on Google Play?

The tentacle game begins in the locker room, where many girls are walking towards the locker room. With Tentacle and force, you should be able to capture or grab any girl in the closet, then force her to wear a skirt against her will. 

If you want to exit or get out, you can press the arrow and ESC keys. You can play this game casually, but it will not have any clear agreements between the girls.

Information About Tentacle Locker Android App

Game Name Tentacle Locker v 1.3
App size 28.5MB
Platform  Android/iOS
Rating 4.2/5.0
Android Version Required 5.0+ and more
Get It On Play Store

How to Install Tentacle Locker on iOS and Android

  • You will be redirected to the following website, where the apk file for this game will be available at Play Store
  • Your phone must now allow permissions from an unknown source.
  • You can find the tentacle locker apk file in the get apps section after it has been enabled. 
  • To play Tentacle Locker, open the game and enable all the permissions. 
  • Finally, put your mobile device to use to play this game with your friends.

Conclusion Of  Tentacle Locker APK 1.3

The entertainment concept of Tentacle Locker is likely to be its most notable feature. On your mobile device, playing this adult game is easy and fun. The app is also secure and can be geted and used on Android, iOS, and numerous other platforms. 

Due to its storyline and graphics, the Tentacle Locker iOS game is imposing and fun to play. You should get Tentacle Locker and start playing it.

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