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How to Check Land Record Online In Pakistan

Want to know How to Check Land Record Online In Pakistan?

  • You can see all Punjab Land Record online at punjab-zameen.gov.pk and Sindh Land Record sindhzameen.gos.pk respectively
  • Select your district, Tehsil and Area from the drop-down list
  • Enter your CNIC number or property number to Check Land Record in Pakistan

For a long time, people faced trouble in checking land records. There was no online platform for people to check the online catalogue. In the old structure, people needed to manage Patwaris.

The early system was slow and caused by corruption in a checking land record issue. To stop corruption and to make checking land record simple, the govt of Pakistan set a web system for land records. But, this system is not available in all province of Pakistan.

Just Punjab and Sindh Government have launched websites for checking land record. Furthermore, we will inform you about the best way How to Check Land Record in Pakistan on the website.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

The Punjab Land Record Authority started a method for land records. People who have a property in Punjab check the reports via the online Land Records Management Information System.

It is a good news for people who have a property in Punjab can check land record online. The Punjab Land Record Authority handles entire land-related matters in the province of Pakistan.

How to Check Land Record

How to Check Land Record In Punjab?

Complete land records are available on Punjab Zameen at punjab-zameen.gov.pk. The steps to check land record in Punjab are the following:

  • Visit Punjab Zameen Official site www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk/
  • On the homepage of the website, you can search the Land Recod details.
  • First Step: choose the district from the drop-down menu. You select a city where land locates
  • 2nd Step: select the Tehsil from the drop-down menu
  • 3rd Step: after select Area where Property placed from the drop-down menu
  • 4th Step: you give three options to search. You can search it by CNIC (ID Card), by Name or Khewat number
  • 5th Step: If you require to search it by CNIC, then you need to write the 14 digits of your CNIC
  • After that press enter

Punjab Land Record Authority also started a mobile app for checking land record. However, it is convenient for all Android users.

Benefits of Land Record Management Information System

  • So, less time needed to finish the process of change
  • Can check the records from your home
  • In this way, no need to pay any fee
  • Bio-metric confirmation and fuse with NADRA ensure the entire record of the Property.
  • Not need to pay to patwari, for search the land record
  • No Corruption

How to Check Land Record In Sindh?

The Sindh Board of Revenue has also started his online check land record system for people of Sindh. You can check the land record of Sindh in official site www.sindhzameen.gos.pk. sindhzameen.gos.pk/PropertyRegister.aspx and check the ownership of a land record.

How to Check Land Record In Sindh

The Sindh Board manages all land record in the province of Sindh. The checking method of land record of Both regions are the same, but sites are different.

This online land record system has made the life of people. In this way, they can quickly search their land record at any place in the world. This online record system is great step of govt of Pakistan.

We believe that the KPK and Balochistan govt also start this online checking record system. Only two provinces of Pakistan check the land record. These are Punjab and Sindh. In these two provinces, people also check their land record.

In Future, another region will launch the website for their people to check online land record. We hope you understand how to check land record online In Pakistan.

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