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How To Unblur Course Hero 2023 On Android & iPhone

Do you have any issues accessing the content found on Course Hero? Student notes and lecturer documents are accessible through this educational website. However, it is only sometimes the most budget-friendly option. A guide how to unblur Course Hero answers here.

Best Methods To Unblur Course Hero

No matter what device you use, there are ways to bypass or reduce the expense of a subscription. Unblur Course Hero documents easily with these steps.

1- Use Your Free Course Hero Account

Monthly subscriptions for Course Hero range from $10 to $40. People with tight budgets may need help to afford a monthly plan. Otherwise, you can create a free account using the website. Most materials are restricted to a free Course Hero profile. Study more efficiently with tricks to unblur restricted content. Quizzes can be created, uploaded, and reviewed.

Option No.1: Upload Documents Online Using Your Free Account

Upload with A Windows PC

Learners can unlock valuable information with Course Hero. Access to other materials is granted for free after uploading the study documents. You unlock five unlocks for every ten uploads on Course Hero. Upload materials using your Windows PC or Mac.

For Windows users, here’s how to upload files:

  • Visit the “Course Hero” website and register for free. You can also sign up.
  • To access a blurred document, locate it and select it.
  • To see the full document, click the pink button.
  • To continue accessing the website, click “Continue to Access.”
  • Subscription options now appear in Course Hero.
  • Click “Upload Your Study Document” at the bottom.
  • Select your documents and press the “Desktop” button.

Upload using Mac

Course Hero can also be unlocked for free using your Mac. In order to achieve this, please follow the following instructions if you are interested in doing so:

  1. The best way to get started is to visit the “Course Hero” site.
  2. Select the document you wish to unlock from the list of documents and click on it.
  3. Tap on the pink button that says “View Full Document” to view the full document.
  4. To continue, click the “Continue to Access Button.”

Course Hero’s subscription plans are displayed on the new page. The “Upload Now” option can be found at the bottom of the page.

Uploads are usually scanned and processed within 24 hours. Go back to upload if the timeframe has expired. All your materials will appear here. Course Hero’s uploaded content will appear as “Declined.” Remember to double-check the uniqueness of the materials before uploading.\

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Option No.2- Access Free Study Materials – How To Unblur Course Hero

Course Hero also lets you review materials. It uses user feedback to assess how useful the resources are. The free account allows you to view many unlocked materials. Once you have assessed or rated five papers, you may unblur one answer or document. It is a useful solution if you feel uncomfortable sharing your notes with others.

Option No.3- Create A Quiz Using Your Free Account

A quiz allows you to see more hidden answers and materials. Make a quiz after unlocking three documents. Then, upload original notes or review uploaded resources to meet this requirement.

Make sure the quiz adheres to the site’s rules when making it. Your unlocks will increase as more people respond to the quiz.

2- Reset Course Hero with Inspect Element

Chrome Inspect no longer supports unblurring Course Hero Documents but is preserved here. It may still be available in some docs, but it was supposedly patched after Feb. 2023. Following January 2023, users said it didn’t work.

Use Chrome’s “Inspect” element to unblur answers on Course Hero. Mac or Windows computers can use this method.

Presented For Your Reference Only

Using a Mac or Windows computer, follow these steps:

  • Unblur the document on the “Course Hero” website from Google Chrome.
  • Click “Inspect” and then “Sources” on the right.
  • To view the “doc-asset” folder, select the right-angled triangle (dropdown), then select the “big/….” folder, then right-click the “split-[#]-page-[#].HTML-bg.jpg” URL and choose “Open in new tab.”
  • The URL of the restricted document can be found on the new page. From the URL, remove the “-html-bg” section.
  • If you press the enter key, you will see the first half of your answer or document.
  • The “split-0” string can be found by returning to the “URL.”
  • Substitute “split-1” for “split-0”.
  • Once the document or answer is unblurred, click “Enter.”.

Remember that the above process to use Chrome Inspect supposedly no longer works. There is no standard structure or Inspect elements for all answers and documents. In addition, the system only works with some users before Feb. 2023.

Get All Your Learning Goals Accomplished

The Course Hero app is a great tool for self-study or exam cramming. However, it can be challenging to access the platform’s content. Much of the site’s content is hidden without a subscription.

Upload original materials, review other documents, and take quizzes to fix this problem. Papers and answers can be unblurred as a reward. Moreover, you can unlock restricted tests, answers, and notes with your smartphone and the “Inspect” element.