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How To Use Green Screen On Capcut [Complete Guide]

With the advent of digital media, green screen effects have become an integral part of enhancing videos with dynamic backdrops and creative visuals. For example, a green screen can be used to create a meme or an attention-grabbing banner with CapCut. In this article we discuss about how to use green screen on Capcut.

Using CapCut’s green screen feature, you can engage your viewers and elevate your content at the same time.

How To Put Picture On Green Screen Capcut

Green screen technology can be used in two ways with CapCut, a versatile video editing software. First, users can selectively remove any color from their footage. Not just green, using the built-in chroma key functionality. You can target a wide range of color shades according to the specific requirements of your video project, giving you greater creative control.

How To Use Green Screen On Capcut Pc

Using CapCut’s algorithm-based background removal tool, creators can seamlessly add customizable new backgrounds by removing green screen backdrops. In addition, visual effects can be created with seamless efficiency and accuracy thanks to its powerful processing capabilities.

Choose the method that best suits your project specifications to utilize CapCut’s green screen features fully.

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How To Use Green Screen On Capcut With Chroma Key

A chroma key video editing technique uses video layers based on color hues to create advanced effects. For example, a green screen is used for filming, and the background is removed during post-processing to produce unique visual effects.

How To Use Green Screen on Capcut

You can use CapCut’s chroma key feature to layer green screen clips to create professional-looking videos. Follow these steps to complete the process.

1- Get Capcut And Install It

As a first step, you need to download the CapCut app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the compatibility of your device and then install it on your smartphone.

2- Start A New Project In The App

Start editing your video after successfully installing CapCut by tapping “New Project” in the app. The base video or image will be displayed in your device’s gallery once you select it.

3- Add The Green Screen Clip

At the bottom of the menu bar, tap the “Overlay” button once you’ve selected your base video or image. A video or image can be imported as an overlay using this option. Your device’s gallery will contain a green screen clip that you can import.

4- Adjust The Size And Position

Drag the green screen clip to your desired location using finger gestures to align it precisely with the base video or image. Additionally, you can size and rotate the green screen clip by pinching in and out using finger gestures.

5- Use Chroma Key Effect

You can now reveal additional editing options by tapping the green screen clip. You can achieve this by selecting “Chroma Key” from the menu and moving the color picker tool over the dominant green color within your clip. After that, adjust the strength of the green color removal using the “Intensity” slider.

Ensure that you reach the desired result by experimenting with this setting.

6- Refine The Composite

The green screen clip and the base video or image may need minor editing to achieve the best results. You can refine your composite further using masking, cropping, or animation tools.

7- Preview And Save

Press Play to preview your project after you have made all necessary adjustments. At the top right corner of your screen, tap the Export button if you’re satisfied with the results. Once you’ve created an amazing masterpiece, CapCut will save it to the gallery on your phone.

How To Use Green Screen On Capcut With Background Remover

CapCut automatically removes the green screen background when you tap the Background Remover tool.

You can do it this way.

1. Import Your Green Screen Footage

Create a new project in CapCut by opening the app. Then, tap the “+” icon and select the appropriate video file to import green screen footage to the app’s timeline.

2. Remove The Green Screen Background

You can now remove the green background from your footage in CapCut. Tap the “Remove Background” feature in the app’s toolbar when you select the green screen video clip in your timeline. Using CapCut, the green background will be accurately detected and removed from the video.

3. Fine-tune The Removal Of The Background

To ensure a seamless appearance, you may need to fine-tune the effect after the initial processing. For example, using “Saturation” and “Spill Suppression” settings can help you achieve a more natural effect. Also, be sure to preview your video before making any changes, so you can see how it will look after you have made changes.

4. Make The Background New

It’s time to add a new background to your video now that the green one has been removed. By tapping the overlay section and selecting the “+” icon, you can add the desired background image or video to your timeline. To match your green screen clip’s duration, lengthen your new background.

5. Position Subject On The New Background

The next step is to position your subject correctly within the scene once you have added your new background. Then, using the pinch gesture, resize your subject to fit into the background if necessary. Finally, drag your subject to the desired location on the screen.

6. Add Additional Transitions And Effects

Adding additional effects and transitions can further enhance your video once you’ve added the green screen effect. In addition, a wide range of editing options is available with CapCut, from filters to animations.

7. Export Your Video

You will have to export your video project once you are satisfied with the results of your video editing session. Choose the quality and resolution settings you desire by clicking on the Export button, found in the top right corner of the screen. You can then upload your video to any social media platform you choose, and CapCut will render it for sharing.

How To Put Video On Green Screen Capcut

First, ensure you have a suitable video clip in your device’s camera roll or gallery to use green screen videos effectively. Search YouTube for “popular green screens” or any other specific topic or category of interest to find a wide variety of green screen videos. Green screen videos are uploaded by various content creators and video enthusiasts, giving you a wide choice of options.

How To Use Green Screen On Capcut Gacha

The number of Instagram accounts dedicated exclusively to sharing green-screen videos is also growing. There are a variety of genres and visual effects to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Browse the following Instagram profiles and discover green screen and animation scenes to enhance your video production value.