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Keyword Research For SEO A Beginner’s Guide

Use the individual keyword, and get more search engine traffic. Optimize your website keywords, and reach your business ideas. How many times have you gotten such parts in your course as a wannabe SEO? keyword research for seo the latest guide for beginner.

Keywords and keyword research for seo are the first points you should learn about when you desire to increase your online traffic using search engine optimization. This guide is written for a newcomer to understand the common fundamental concept of SEO. If you never understood the idea of keyword research for seo and how you make it. This guide will support you know every phase of it.

My Purpose Now is to Help You Read About:

  1. What is Keyword research?
  2. What is the value of Keyword research?
  3. How could Keyword research gain you?
  4. How to present keyword research?

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Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research for seo is the method of discovering keywords that would make targeted traffic to your business. Mostly, recognizing how your target users see a website like yours.

Let Me Explain It

When watching an answer to our problems, we use a search engine like Google to find a solution. We assume the search engine to give us an answer within the first page of the search, also known as SERP (Search engine results page). Keyword research helps us identify those words that the mass requests using a search engine.

When we know what sort of queries users are requesting via search engines, we can create new pages, help users get the answer, and use that traffic to improve our business. Alternatively, doing the same keywords, you can also run PPC ads on programs like google ads or Facebook ads to manage traffic to your customer websites.

In Technical Words:

The idea of keyword research for seo is to discover those topics which are generally used by your target viewers. Another way it helps you find out those topics and queries that your target clients are requiring on the web and gives you the benefit of speaking the language your client will get.

Now Understand This with an Example:

An easy example is, let’s say a freshly became father needs to buy a stroller for his kid. He uses this topic “Best baby stroller” in Google search, to discover the most reliable brand. Something like this…

what is keyword research
what is keyword research

Google search is smart; it auto-populates many commonly used questions to help the right question. Depending on the father’s place, and his mind, he will pick one that is recommended by Google. Now, the search engine holds a log of how many occasions these questions are asked by millions of users globally. The process of keyword research tells the most important question and the number of times these questions asked within a particular time.

Now, as a business owner, those stats would help you know which of these questions you should answer on your website. It will assist users in finding your site and the answer. The solution eventually supports owners to drive more targeted traffic from search engines. Converts into immediate sales, ad sales, or member sales. Well, this is how keyword analysis benefits.

You could drive relevant traffic to your blog with a little preparation and make the greatest out of your hard work. So, optimizing your keyword for the search engine is called On-Page SEO.

Now Understand This with an Example.

Previous, I discussed a father looking to buy a stroller for his son. Now, assume you are a business who is into selling baby stroller. Using keyword research tools, we could discover data like which keyword known as queries, search terms a parent is using on a search engine to see an answer.

The following result is from a tool called SEMrush shows related queries with various data, as shown here:

how to do keyword research
how to do keyword research

Analyze to know what’s happening in this image

Keyword: This is the question users are asking to get the best baby stroller. When doing SEO, this is the expression that we target. So usually call this target keyword.

Volume: It indicates you how many people are exploring for that unique keyword in a given period. It is a crucial metric as even if you find a search term will be famous, search data will tell you oppositely.

Trend: It helps you understand if the keyword trend is going up or going down. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro could be a popular term in 2020. But it will lose value as a new iPhone is issued.

Keyword difficulty: it will help you understand how difficult or easy it ranks for a target keyword on the first page of Google. These tools relate all the current ranking pages for something like On-page SEO, Backlink profile, domain authority, and others to rank such a topic. The lower the rank is more comfortable.

What is the Importance of Keyword research?

All keywords are not equal. The process of Keyword research could support your business in the following steps:

  • Keyword research for seo supports you in understanding the language used by your target viewers on a search engine. We use Google search as a base. Its the most important search engine.
  • It supports you in finding queries that could directly help you get paid clients from organic searches such as Google search, Baidu, etc.
  • Engaged audience: The audience that you will be getting is already hot, and you will get massive engagement in the form of observations and sharing.
  • Market and Customer Trend: Systematically, performing Keyword research will support you in how direction the market and clients are going.
  • Reduce PPC Cost: Keywords SEO will support you make those traffic for free, which a business, usually pay for in the form of PPC. Such a vital ranking could reduce your business digital marketing value.
  • More Ad Revenue: Marketers and bloggers who depend on income from Google AdSense or Media.net could use the Keyword research to discover high CPC keywords and boost their ad revenue, with the same purpose.

Furthermore, there are various benefits of keyword research for seo. The above few are the best ones. Here is a less well-known fact about Keyword research:

Several people mistake keyword research as the process of getting only high volume keywords, which is not the point. SEO is to exclude those keywords that are not going to profit your business besides discovering valuable keywords.

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Types of Keywords Based on The User’s Plan

Moving forward with our earlier example, Baby stroller, a father, could ask this topic with a different purpose. For example:

  1. A father could ask to know how to choose a baby stroller.
  2. A father needs to know which one is a baby stroller in today’s era.
  3. A father is ready to get the most suitable baby stroller right away.

Now, you see how the same topic meant changed when used for a different view? It takes to the point, and Keywords sub-divided into various kinds, based on the users’ plan.

These are the four most popular kind:

  1. Commercial keywords
  2. Transactional keywords
  3. Informational Keywords
  4. Navigational Keywords
what is keyword research in seo
what is keyword research in seo

These four kinds discover which keyword is quickly going to change your revenue. It is also strictly associated with a content funnel, studying for any other day. Keywords also categorized in a few other ways, such as

  • Short tail Keywords like “Baby stroller.”
  • Long-tail keywords like “Best baby stroller in Pakistan.”

What Do You Need for Keyword Research?

Here I follow a different way of investigating keywords. It would support if you had the following information for making keyword research for seo:

  • Tool (free or paid) for researching keywords
  • List of SEO competitive domains/businesses.
  • Report capturing and clean up the keyword.
  • A system to choose the final keywords for blog articles
  • We estimate the ranking using a keyword rank tracking tool.
  • Once you join keyword research into your business marketing process, it encourages you to grow inevitably.

Moreover, after ten years of implementation, I explain the steps of keyword research for seo as:

  • Research
  • Cleanup
  • Execute/Delegate
  • Monitor
  • Optimize

These five steps will satisfy all the features of keyword research.

3 Different Ways To Do Keyword Research

There are many ways you could follow for studying SEO Keywords. Let’s see some of the most common ones, which could be done by a newbie.

Find A Competitor Or Top Site Keyword:

it is the most straightforward technique to discover keywords that are already running for a current website. In this method, we recognize 2-3 websites, which are the top in the niche we target. For example, the best Baby stroller.

Top Site Keyword

On the SEMRush dashboard, please enter the domain name that you recognized from Google search and utilize it to discover keywords that the domain is ranking.

SEMRush will tell you all the necessary aspects like:

Keyword Research for SEO

A keyword is making the highest traffic to a unique website
The volume, traffic %, KD, Keyword status
Which page on the website is producing traffic for which keyword

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Using Keyword Gap To Find Easy Wins

One underutilized keyword research for seo method helps you discover keywords that your opponents are ranking, but you are not. It is down for a current website to see low hanging results. Keyword research for seo is the best choice for every beginner.

Using Seed Words for Researching Keywords

It is down for any new and living websites similar. It is more time consuming than the above two ways. But this will support you find single keywords that no one targets.

You can use this process by using keyword analysis tools.

We will repeatedly use SEMRush for a more robust understanding of this process.

  • Go over to SEMrush
  • Click on Keyword Magic Tool
Keyword Research

Enter your seed keyword and choose the first country that you are targeting.
Click on Search, SEMRush will generate many keywords from your seed keyword.

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