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How To Change 3G To 4G In Huawei Modem

Huawei modems support 2G and 3G networks. We explain how to change 2G to 3G in the Huawei modem. We can utilize 2G as well as 3G services with it. Step-by-step instructions on how to change 3g to 4g in Huawei modem on changing the network mode of your modem are provided here. And how to change the network mode within the Moblie Partner dashboard software.

How To Change Network Mode In Huawei Modem 

Connecting your modem to your computer is the first step. make sure that you’ve installed the dashboard

Then just go to Tools >> Options >> NETWORK SECTION

You can choose from the four choices below, along with an explanation. Choose it according to your needs.

Network Type NetworkNetwork
GSM OnlyOnly 2G
GSM Preferred2G Preferred
WCDMA OnlyOnly 3G
WCDMA Preferred3G-2G Both

After choosing Network Mode, click on Apply, and you have done.

How Do I Change My Huawei Router From 3G To 4G?

Smartphones running Android today have fantastic connectivity options, such as 4G and 3G LTE. In addition, the 3G or 4G LTE network mode can provide more data transfer speeds for the internet than 2G, GPRS, or EDGE.

It is imperative and beneficial to utilize it with 4G LTE or HSPA+ WCDMA 3G exclusively as the Preferred Network Type mode to speed up Internet speeds for data. If you want to avoid expensive data costs, it is possible to use a two-way GSM GPRS network prioritization mode.

A brief guide on using 4G only mode (or 3G Only Mode) for Huawei 3G or 4G routers, also known as 4g/3g/2g wifi dongles/modems. Huawei offers a specific application named HiLink to control the administrator interfaces of these 4g routers.

How To Change 3G To 4G In Huawei Modem

The web interface allows you to control them. But, if you access the network settings, either via the HiLink application or web interface, you’ll find that there’s no option to enable the 3G-only mode or LTE exclusively mode.

When there is a solid signal from the network of the desired band, there’s no problem. But, if there’s an unstable or less reliable signal on the network, the Huawei modems are more likely to switch to smaller speed bands, such as 3G or 2G in the case of 4g routers. Or 2G for three-g wifi dongles. It has been a bit frustrating for me and many others who have poor coverage of their networks in their region.

The slowdown in speed suddenly because of the auto-switching of networks is like a crime committed. The option to select 3G-only mode or 4G only mode isn’t found in either the HiLink application or on HiLink’s admin interface on the web.

The only option is to select a checkbox that reads “Supports 3G network” or “Supports 4G network“. It is quite unfair and inconvenient since the speed of even a poor or unstable 3G network is much better than strong and reliable 2G.

Therefore, we require an option to switch to the 3G-only mode or four-G mode. In the previous version of HiLink, the default HiLink application, there was a method (turning on wifi extender mode, returning to the network settings, and then the option to use 3G-only mode) to achieve this. Still, after updates to the HiLink application, this trick was gone completely. It is a brand simple and easy method to accomplish.

How To Set Huawei 4G Router To 4G Only Mode

  • Download this app from the Play Store (4G, 3G, 2G, and only Modes on Huawei Modem HiLink and)
  • Connect to the wifi network of your Huawei wifi 4G/3G Dongle
  • Open this app, and in the settings tab, you can set the admin interface’s id/password/IP address If you’ve modified it.
  • The default ID address is The ID is admin, and the password is admin.
  • In your main app tab, click the GO button.
  • It’ll begin making the necessary changes on the modem.
  • Some messages mention injecting code, logging into successfully, and successful login.
  • You’ll ask to select the mode you’d like to apply to your Huawei modem (4G only mode, 3G only mode, 2-G mode only).
  • Then you’ll see some messages appearing within the logs window below. However, you’ll be able to see Success,

That’s it. The desired mode is now established. This patch will even stand up to reboots. Be sure not to go into the network settings in the original link app and modify anything else after that, as it could trigger the patch to lose the effect, and you’ll have to run the app once more to get it to switch to the desired network mode.

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