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How to Delete Bigo Account on iPhone

How To Delete Bigo Account On iPhone? Bigo Live application Bigo Technology. Ltd Bigo is a video chat social network, and it’s been made available to users of all Android and iPhone users and for PC Windows.

How to Delete Bigo Account on iPhone

Many people would like to remove their BIGO live Account as they’re switching their Android smartphone or iPhone and don’t have enough time to use BIGO or don’t wish to use the BIGO LIVE app anymore.

A Little Bit About BIGO LIVE

BIGO LIVE application was released in 2016 and is one of the most popular live-streaming websites worldwide. According to the source, over 400 million users are registered on the app.

Bigo Live is an application for live streaming used in over 150 countries, with over 300 million downloaded. It’s an app that allows users to stream their activities live and develop video blogs that You can use to earn money from their content.

If you aren’t a fan of BIGO LIVE but would like to watch live-streamed videos, You can try other applications similar to BIGO LIVE.

How To Open A Bigo Live Account

BIGO can be described as a live stream application that lets the users of BIGO stream their live streams, chat with others, and engage in conversation with the host. The app also allows users to view broadcasts of others, and it’s accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.

To sign up for an account with BIGO, visit BIGO's App Store or Play Store and download the application. To use the app on iOS devices, you'll be required to establish an account using your email address and phone address.

Bigo Live Premium Membership Cancellation

If you’re a subscriber of the Bigo Live Premium subscription, leaving the application or shutting down the application on your device won’t be enough to terminate Your Premium Subscription. Whichever method you used to pay used to purchase the subscription, you must end your subscription with the same process.

How To Cancel A Subscription On Google Play Store:

Subscriptions to Google Play automatically renew unless you choose to unsubscribe.

  • Android tablets and phones can access Google Play Store. Open.
  • Make sure you’re registered to the correct Google Account.
  • Click Menu Subscribers.
  • Pick the service you wish to end.
  • Tap Cancel subscription.

How Can I Delete My Bigo Account Permanently?

  1. Within your Bigo live App, go to the Settings menu, and you must highlight the Deregister Number or the Delete Account.
  2. Then, click delete in the menu dropdown.
  3. You’ve been logged out of your Bigo Account has been removed.

 Steps To Delete BIGO LIVE Account 

  • Click “Me”> Feedback on your BIGO LIVE Account.
  • Go to Account, then click “Help and Feedback. How do I remove the Account from my BIGO account?
  • Select the option to delete an account. You must also complete the security verification, and confirm that your account has been deleted if you have met the requirements.
  • Click the Delete Account button to confirm erasing your Account.

What Will Happen When You Delete BIGO LIVE Account 

When your Account is deleted, you won’t be able to log in, activate it, or use it.

There is no way to receive a reimbursement for the items you bought after deletion. Nor will you be able to make a payment or receive a pending payment through your live stream or broadcast.

Your profile pictures, video messages, comments, presents, props, currency shares, levels, privileges, followers, and many other digital objects will be permanently erased and won’t be quickly recovered.

Why Can’t I Delete My Bigo Account? 

You will not be able to remove the Account if you do not give the correct information to prove you are who you claim to be.

Information needs to be as follows:

  • BigO Account ID that you have to erase.
  • Your explanation for deactivating your account.
  • Please provide your email address so that they may inform you of the results.
  • Screenshot of the model phone that you use to log into Bigo Live (search My Phone or Device within the Settings of your smartphone).
  • The model of your registration number Or registration time and place. You will only use the information you provide to confirm your identity and avoid account cancellation due to malicious actions.
  • It takes seven working days to finish the process.

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