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How To Screenshot On Samsung S21 5G Step by Step Guide

Samsung Galaxy S21 makes it easy to take screenshots of photos, chats, etc. Several methods are available for taking a screenshot. People may not think about Pictures while they are buying phones. Mostly people asked a question that, how to capture screenshot on Samsung S21? However, screenshots are beneficial.

How To Screenshot On Samsung S21?

It is the newest flagship smartphone in the Galaxy S21 5G series. The following tips will help you take screenshots of your smartphone:

  • When you want to send a screenshot of a chat to someone in your contacts, the first thing you will do is to take a screenshot. The Samsung Galaxy S21 allows you to take screenshots and save them.

How Do I Change The Screenshot Button On My Samsung Galaxy S21?

With Samsung, you can take a screenshot by pressing a button as you would with any Android device:

  • Ensure that the content you wish to capture is visible on the screen.
  • By simultaneously pressing the volume down button and the standby/power button on the right, you can turn off your phone, however, only for a brief time.
  • A screenshot will be taken, flashed, and saved in the gallery’s screenshot album.

Note: If you use an old device, such as a Galaxy S7 or earlier. Rather than using a standby button, these devices combine the right and left home buttons.

You must press the two buttons quickly, regardless of your device. You can launch the power control screen by pressing and holding it for a more extended time. You can get Galaxy S21 or S22 screenshot using smart capture toolbar.

Furthermore, Intelligent capture is what you need to know about taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S series. You can do a lot more with the screenshot toolbar, now called the screenshot toolbar. 

This allows you to edit your screenshot instantly, rather than opening it in your gallery. Samsung is unique in that it lets you do things with screenshots instantly.

  1. Turn on the toolbar if it isn’t already
  2. Settings > advanced features > screen recorder and screenshots. 
  3. By default, Settings show the toolbar after capturing.

When you screenshot, you will see more options in a banner below the page. In addition to drawing, cropping, and sharing, scroll capture is the most useful feature.

  • If you’re on a long webpage, tap scroll capture to capture portions that you can see.
  • You can also select that from settings > advanced features > screenshots and screen recorder > Delete after sharing from the toolbar.
  • Samsung offers a unique feature that lets you quickly edit your screenshots. No need to open them in the gallery.
  • If the toolbar is not visible, ensure that it is turned on: 
  • You can find the screenshot and screen recorder settings under advanced features. 
  • By default, they will enable it
  • After capturing, the toolbar is shown.
  • Additionally, a banner appears at the bottom of the screen when you screenshot in addition to drawing, cropping, and sharing.
  • Take a screenshot of parts of the page that you can see, for example, on a long webpage – this can be helpful.

Important Note: If you share the original screenshot from the toolbar, would you like it to be enlarged? Delete after sharing can also be selected by going to settings > advanced features > screenshots and screen recorder.

How Do I Turn On Palm Swipe Screenshot On Samsung S21?

Samsung offers an alternative method using gesture control, which it’s provided for several generations of the S series.

Here’s how you can make it work:

  • Head into settings > advanced features > motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture.
  • Swipe your hand across the display with this option toggled on. Left-hand taps and right-hand taps work the same.
  • You will capture the screen, flash it, and save it in the gallery’s “screenshots” album/folder.
Note: You don't need to swipe to capture if you've mastered button pressing. It is possible to turn off palm swipe so it will not happen even accidentally.

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 Have Smart Select?

A few things are missing in the third method. With a feature called smart select, it’s an excellent way to capture displayed information. The following might sound familiar to those who have used Note in the past:

  1. You can access the intelligent select panel by swiping in from the edged screen.
  2. Make sure that ‘Edge panels’ are toggled on in Settings > Display > Display.
  3. Select ‘Panels’ and scroll right to select it. You can also enable the intelligent select edge panel by clicking this menu link. 
  4. Multiple panel types can be enabled, including Apps.
  5. Once you are at the page you want to capture, click on it.
  6. You can access the edge panel by sliding from the side.
  7. Depending on how many boards you have enabled, this may take a few swipes.
  8. Make a selection using your desired shape or type – rectangle, oval, pin to screen, or (best of all) choose to create a gif through ‘Animation.’
  9. You’ll see a frame on the capture page to make the selection.
  10. Adjust the size and position and click Done.
  11. To create a gif, hit record, then stop once your project is complete.
  12. After the capture, you will be shown what you’ve been able to capture, with the option to draw, share, save, and extract the text for pasting elsewhere.
  13. Pinnable selections will then hover over everything until closing.
  14. A reference number or address can be easily referred to using it.

Can You Take Pictures With S Pen Galaxy S21 Ultra?

  • Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra launch, the S Pen stylus has been compatible.
  • However, only the Ultra model has been supported.
  • Adding an S Pen to the body, the S22 kicks things up again.
  • A great feature of the S Pen is how easy it is to activate smart select, which lets you make selections with ease.
  • Eject the S Pen from the body (S22 Ultra only).
  • Select ‘smart select’ and create and save your selection. The S Pen’s innovative selection features are pretty helpful.

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