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New Whatsapp Trick: How To Share Live Location

New Whatsapp Tricks 2021: WhatsApp application is the world’s commonly used messaging application. It has many choices that several users might not recognise or know how to use this app. One such characteristic is sharing a live location convenient. When you require to inform your preferred ones about your broadcast location or share it for safety ideas.

Furthermore, the live location characteristic permits you to share your present living location for a particular time with a person or group chat members. It means that you can allow a person or in a group to share a live place.

Moreover, you can manage whether and how difficult to share your live place. So, you can also prevent sharing your live region at any period. This trick is very famous because you can share your location at any time and also you can stop it any time. Earlier closed or expired, your live location is no deep shared.

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Characters you share your whole area will remain to view your shared location and touch the image to recognise your newest updated position. You can share your broadcast location with will stay to watch the place you share as an unvarying thumbnail image. You can click on this image and watch your end updated location.

New Whatsapp Trick

As New trick of WhatsApp communications is secure. This characteristic is last to last encrypted as correctly. It means that no one can view your live place but the people you share it. Only those people can watch your live location where you share it.

Its no matter whether you are are using iPhone or Android mobile. It is necessary to trick the smart mobile phone that you scattered others at some time. It can be a terrible idea to do as most of us utilise the GPS application to see our present location, review directions, and see climate updates.

Moreover, in a few cases, we require real places to obtain some of our mobile phones not recovered from a unique area. Hence, if you want to need a live location using a new Whatsapp trick, I have some solutions and explanations.

How To Share Your Live Location?

If you want to share the live location, click the attach button next to your chats text bar. Then you will see the Location option. So, now click the new option “Share Live Location”. Additionally, when you click this new option, then this will enable your colleagues and people to trace you in actual time on a map. So, follow steps for share your broadcast location with anyone. These are as follows:

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If you want to Show Enable area permissions for WhatsApp on your mobile phone:
  • First Step: Go to Mobile Setting> Privacy> Location Services> Whatsapp> Always
  • Or Go to the Setting>Whatsapp>Locations>Always
  • 2nd Step: Open a person or group Conversation.
  • 3rd Step: Click “Attach +”, then click “Location” and then allow “Share Live Location”.
  • 4th Step: Choose the range of time you would like to share your Real Location. Your live location will finish transferred after the chosen sum of time.
  • 5th Step: Optionally, you can add comment (its depend on you).
  • 6th Step: Now click “Send” option.

How To Stop Sharing Your Broadcast Location

So, close sharing your broadcast location in a particular person or group conversation. Just follow these steps:

  1. First: Open the person or group conversation.
  2. Second: Click “Stop Sharing” option

End Sharing Your Live Location Of A Complete Person Or Group Conversation.

  • First: Go to “WhatsApp Settings” option. Then click the “Account” option, now click “Privacy” and then click “Live Location“.
  • Second: Click “Stop Sharing” option. When you click on it, you cannot share your location.
You can disable live location permits for new WhatsApp trick at any time by going to your Mobile phone:
  • > Go Settings
  • > Privacy
  • > Location Services option
  • > WhatsApp option
  • > And click Never option
Alternatively, go to the mobile phone’s:
  1. > Settings.
  2. > WhatsApp
  3. > Location
  4. > Never.

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