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Nokia Launches TV Box With Android TV And Remote Control

Like different companies, HMD Global also started the Smart TV business. Its plans are marketed largely in India, and the company now needs to start its initial Nokia brand decoder. This plan is mostly sold in India, and manufacture now required to start its first Nokia Launches TV Box.

The info was exposed by a loss published in European media. According to sources, this device may also be called Nokia Streaming Box 8000 and makes Android TV the main feature.

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Nokia Launches TV Box With Android TV

Additionally, we recommend playback with 4K resolution. Its processor is the Amlogic S905X3. If you want to use this smart TV, you must fulfill the requirements and easily run this smart TV.

The several unique features are the remote controller. It has several buttons. The first one is the receiver to trigger the Google Assistant, while there are more ways to Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play.

Nokia Streaming Box 8000 Specs and Features

The news shows images of the goods containing the real streaming method. It means that the image of products also includes a simple streaming method.

The images show hotkeys for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to Google Play, recommending that the suggested apps will come again install.

The device will continue 4K streaming, although certain info on HDR abilities not discussed. Moreover, the device will possibly support at most limited the HDR10 format.

Furthermore, a tweet from Nokia Launches TV Box Guide cast more light on the specs, containing that the streaming device powered by an Amlogic S905X3 processor.

It showcases the plan’s gates, containing an Ethernet port, HDMI, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C, aside from a true power support the composed adapter.

Ultimately, there is a pair of band WiFi and Bluetooth. So, there is no proper announcement date for the device. Nevertheless, almost 99 euros, the cost is almost 654 dollars in immediate change without considering Brazilian costs.

Furthermore, the Nokia Launches TV Box runs on Android and can be running content at complete HD resolution. The device control by a quad-core processor joined with 1 gigabyte of RAM and 8gigabytes RAM.

It also supports WiFi for a more reliable response. The streaming box arises with Dolby Digital Audio with Google Assistant. It will enable users to manage their TV working speech commands.

So, Nokia declared a partnership with ZEE5, which will identify a dedicated ZEE5 hotkey device, giving users a way to over 100 TV ways from the streaming help. There is more voice control guide via Google Assistant and Android mobile application remote.

4K / 60p / HDR Streaming Box

The object of the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 indeed tells us of the leading Amazon Fire TV. In opposite to Fire TV 2014, the Nokia streaming member has several higher duties. So, see advanced 4K UHD content with a maximum of 60 fps color base.

The great ones are carrying Codecs VP9 Profile and h.265 with 10-bit each. Moreover, Streaming Box 8000 connects with cooperative 4K TVs. There is also a Gigabit Ethernet and a USB Type-A and Type-C Relationship. As the working system, Nokia has taken the Android TV 10 Surface selected.

Scope of Delivery, Price And Date

In addition, the delivery scope contain a power cord, batteries, and decorated remote control with backlight. The phases of design tell us the current remote that occurs with the Sony TV positions.

In Germany, the 4K streaming member should yet before Christmas 2020 arrived on the market, particularly when you think a Fire TV 4K club currently allowed less than 25 euros.

  • Operating system (OS): Android TV 10
  • Resolution: 4K at 60fps
  • Color depth: 10-bit
  • Encoding: VP9 Profile 2, h.264, h.265
  • Connections: HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Kind A, USB Kind C
  • Connectivity: WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.2, Chromecast built-in function
  • Scope of performance: Streaming Box 8000, remote voice control, HDMI cable, batteries

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