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PM Green Youth Movement Going To Be Launched In All Universities

The government has wanted to perform the Prime Minister’s Green Youth Movement to connect with young people for the countrywide 10 Billion Tree Tsunami afforestation experiment.

PM Green Youth Movement

The two instructors talked about different projects to carry in young people for PM’s Green Youth Movement performed soon.

Taking motivation from the Prime Minister’s Billion Trees Plantation activity, they informed about paths to connect with youth in schools and colleges by calling them.

Usman Dar said the activity would connect with them socially and be a wellspring of financial strengthening for them. He said young people supported to set up a cross country system of GYM clubs on all grounds.

PM Green Youth Movement

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Usman Dar informed Malik Amin Aslam of the arranged National Youth Development Framework that creates Civic Engagement as its six center limited zones.

He said an essential feature of the Framework’s community and social activities is youth participation in the preservation and natural security systems. The GYM activity would start urban commitment activities.

Amin Aslam confirmed the visitor of his service finished help and corporation in youth improvement activities.

Startup Pakistan Program

So, the startup Pakistan Program a leader activity of Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program to make a public eco-framework to promote Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs.

It requires to prepare youth across institutes and top 300 TVET area businesses in rising advances through the digital brooding platform. An advanced business culture makes work open doors for a child in the nation.

It would take an unbelievable path forward for the working commercial development in the cutting edge information saving time.

PM’s Green Youth Movement dispatched soon to connect with the young in ten billion tree Tsunami investment.

Under The Green Youth Movement

Under the Green Youth Movement, various trees under the ten billion tree Tsunami venture will be reserved for the estate by youth the nation over.

It did not just draw in them socially; however, a wellspring of monetary improvement. During the meeting, Usman Dar announced the consultant on environmental change about the arranged National Youth Development Framework.

Green Youth Movement

It approves that the Higher Education Commission work together with Prime Minister’s Youth office to achieve these projects under fair Prime Minister Imran Khan for financial inspire of youth.

Additionally, a statement on the National Internship, National Youth Employment Exchange. Education Support for student alternates and Laptop for All projects went under discussion.


Mr. Muhammad Usman Dar showed a response toward Dr. Tariq Banuri for his ability to get youth-centered activities performed by all HEC learned universities across Pakistan.

This development supports maturing youth to procure good jobs by promoting social business to handle environmental change difficulties.

Green Youth Movement instructs youth over Pakistan’s universities and top 300 specialized and professional instruction and prepares area businesses to grow advances through computerized hatching platforms. That activity advances business culture as well as create openwork doors for youth in the nation.

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