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PTA IMEI Registration Online | PTA Mobile Register On Passport

by FRQ

Today, there is a lot of problem with many people about PTA imei mobile registration online. And I have brought a solution for you to solve this problem that is completely free, so read this article carefully. If you did not solve the problem, you can also connect with my Facebook link is at the end of this post

PTA IMEI Registration & imei Device Verification System

there are two 2 different way to register your mobile and pay tax in Pakistan,

one is online mobile registration pta on passport & another without passport u can also register your device

First you have to need pta mobile registration check online that your device imei is complaint/registered or un complaint

simple dial *06# on dial paid then go to https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk and enter your imei and click on imei check button

PTA IMEI Registration Online

if you see this massage from PTA 

PTA IMEI Registration Online

If there is a mark on green icon , it means that your mobile phone is registered with PTA….

But if you received a message that your mobile phone is not registered then let’s tell you how can register your mobile phone with PTA Registration system.

There Are 2 ways for pta mobile registration online

  1. dial *8484# from your active sim, and follow the method to register imei quickly and pay your tax (aftar paying tax your mobile will be activeted withien 10 to 20min)
  2. PTA Device Regisation online trough Web

Thing you need for PTA Device Registration Online

  1. A passenger passport that has recently returned from abroad ( As many people coming back from Ummrah, you can take their passport number)
  2. new Gmail account
  3. mobile number & mobile exact imei number ( dial *06# to check mobile imei)

now simple go to https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/drs/auth/register_individual

Register your free account on DIRBS PTA

  • Purpose Personal/individual for mobile/tablet PCs
  • User Type Pakistani (Local / International Traveler / Dual Nationality Holder)
  • and another thing gmail mobile etc
  • and then conform your email address

Your account has been registered on PTA dirbs Mobile Registration and you can now log in to your account & follow next step

  • if your imei already register or exit in database then call pta helpline or email to pta for the problem
after login click on Apply for COC 
PTA IMEI Registration Online

scroll down the page and click on the International traveler 1st device free registration (do not click on mobile registration to pay tax)

enter Passport number  & any cell phone number

Select Number of SIM slots (IMEI) of Your Device 1,2,3,4

If you have a single sim cell phone, put it in one imei,  if it is double then both of them add

now finally click on submit button

PTA IMEI Registration Online

now go to my Application & Click on device details button 

PTA IMEI Registration Online

And from here you can find out your mobile imei is register and you will receive a message that your Mobile is PTA approved and your mobile phone has been registered.

PTA IMEI Registration Online

here I tell you what you have to keep in mind, The passenger whose passport has come Pakistan within 60 days and only one mobile phone will be registered on single passport…. And just register only one mobile phone on one email account … If your friends like & enjoy this article, subscribe my information technology blog to enter your email in comment section   And if you have face any problem about pta registration , you can contact me on Facebook

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