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Samsung Launches 5G Phone With Blockchain-Based ID Authentication

Samsung and SK Telecom unveiled their 5G phones on Tuesday. The handset is equipped with a blockchain-based ID verification system. In partnership with Samsung Electronics. In an announcement on May 14, the company said that the phone’s initial price was 649,000 Korean won, or USD 527.54.

Electronics giant Samsung, Ltd has introduced a new five-generation smartphone. In addition to its Quantis quantum chipset, the Galaxy A Quantum is the first phone to feature Quantis.

A blockchain-based ID authentication system integrates into the device. Advanced encryption technology provides users with enhanced data security.

Phones launch through a partnership between Korean telecom giant SK Telecom  Inc. The company’s Swiss subsidiary ID Quantique launches the phones.

Quantum encryption technology integrates into them. Furthermore, the phones offer two-factor authentication to ensure maximum security. The SK Pays app uses biometrics to ensure maximum safety. There is also a mobile application called Initial that operates using blockchains.

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In addition to biometric protection, SK Pay incorporates blockchain technology as well. As stated by the company, SK Telecom uses blockchain-based technology whenever possible. Users can use SK Pay to make offline payments by using their smartphones. Furthermore, the blockchain prevents the falsification of information and data theft on the device.

Quantum random number generators can be used instead of standard random numbers. Mobile payment platforms and two-factor authentication are both examples of services that use these technologies. Malicious actors can often bypass a random number generator. So, they target by them.

On the other hand, QRNG uses LEDs and CMOS image sensors. In the SMOS sensor, the ‘image noise’ from the LED is captured by the quantum random of the quantum physics sensor. There is no technology available that can hack into SK Telecom’s system, according to the company.

What Is Personal Identity Security In Blockchain?

The application introduces earlier this year to allow users to centrally store and process personal information, such as their licenses, certificates, and health records. Individuals can choose whether to provide their data and manage it securely.

Decentralized identifier services allow users to maintain control over their online identities. No dependency on central authority or registries is required. A consortium consisting of the following members form in July 2021. 

  1. Bank KEB Hana
  2. A bank called Woori
  3. The LG U+
  4. KOSCOM as well 
  5. KT
  6. Groupe Sk Telecom

What Electronic Products Are Manufactured By Samsung?

Based on blockchain technology, we created an identification platform together. From May 15 to 21, 2021, Samsung will accept pre-orders for Galaxy A Quantum. The device will launch on May 22, 2022, at 649,900 won, or $527.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G smartphone, which SK Telecom is selling, is the model of the new smartphone. The smartphone comes with: 

  • A 5G QRNG security chip called the Exynos 980
  • There is 8GB of memory available
  • One hundred and eighty-two gigabytes of storage
  • A fast-charge capability of 25W includes in the 4500mAh battery. 

So, the 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen and quad rear cameras. The 185-gram phone features 32MP front-facing camera and a 64MP wide-angle lens.

So, by generating real random numbers that cannot hack. This chip enables smartphone owners to use certain services safely and securely. By using it, the service provider and customer can build trust.

What Is Integrated Blockchain Features?

SK Pay biometric protection is another feature of the phone. A blockchain also helps prevent information on a phone from being falsified or stolen. So, an authentication service that runs on the blockchain. A mobile carrier announced that the device would be available for pre-sale on May 15. The device will be officially released on May 22. The latest blockchain phone developments in Asia.

Blockchain-powered phones have developed in South Korea. The Cointelegraph reported about the development in 2019. It revealed that LG was working on a blockchain-based phone to counter Samsung’s crypto-friendly Klaytn smartphone.

An investment firm with Huobi had reportedly invested in a startup in September 2019. Acute Angle, a blockchain-based smartphone, was introduced by Network in Southeast Asia. HTC announced in April that it would offer an app that would allow users to mine Monero.

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