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Securing India Made Smart Meters From Cyberattacks

NanoLock’s design level clarification makes cybersecurity and control to Genus Power, India worldwide smart meter support provider. This India based corporation connects more than 100,000 smart meters a month extensive and contains up to one million consecutive term metering projects.

NanoLock Security produced an answer that defends smart metering foundation from cyberattacks, crime and fraud. The response also gives a controlled protection help for benefits and savvy town clients that decreases operational expenses, particularly in distant provincial cities.

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The startup now is running with service providers and uses in Israel, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland U.S. and more other countries.

Securing India Made Smart Meters

The association with NanoLock gives a complete understanding of us. The latest run protection service that we have collectively produced enables us to allow single protection, operational price savings and reduces possible trick on our services and smart city clients.

Because NanoLock can very defend and maintain new and legacy smart meters, we discuss the potential for this setting to be used in tens of millions of our tools. Implementation is assumed to start in the beginning part of 2021.

NanoLock CEO Eran Fine replied, the smart meters business is growing, but exceptionally to are the possible cyber warnings. Advantages and smart-city clarifications providers are facing new charges whole the time, and any associated tool could be the entrance time for criminals.

This collaboration with Genus Power takes a story and possible security to necessary support providers for smart meters and other related signs at the end, decreasing operational value, particularly for isolated and country areas.

Genus Power has taken NanoLock equipment level security and control clarification to defend their foundation from individual mistakes and warnings while entering remote control and a key to current and legacy projects in their smart meters case.

NanoLock carries new and limited project-level assurance and authority to Genus Power’s smart meters and other devices. NanoLock satisfies any safety management for power management and gives Genus Power’s clients with a new and different managed cybersecurity co-operation. It allows project monitoring, warnings, and variant grades.

It will enable safe and checked OTA updates to give enhanced cybersecurity for businesses. This robust security issued by NanoLock’s answer can compare to help millions of tools to stop cyberattacks of related tools and safe means for services that can be missed due to cheating.

About Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Genus Power Infrastructure, established in 1992, is involved in the plan, growth and production of automatic power meters and building structure. The Company gives a variety of settings, which contain system, producing up communication skyscrapers, and the performance of a civil activity, grade of wiring and power of transformers.

Genus Power Infrastructures has five production factories over Jaipur and Guwahati and exacting clients that involve the central State Electricity Boards and unique services.

About NanoLock Security

NanoLock Security is an ironclad, sign level assurance and administration clarification that is a disturbing end equipment protection to preserve IoT and related projects opposite a determined foreigner and stores connection cyberattacks by adjusting the whole series of vulnerability, from the project to the film.

NanoLock’s answer gives secured and maintained firmware updates, acceptable situation and signals. Single legal information complete with a failure, zero energy, processing, and recall step.

Defending necessary end tools on a wide variety of determined strikes, NanoLock’s sound security and tools level clarity and direction are essential to the benefit of enterprises like smart cities, utilities, technical, and furthermore. NanoLock is struggling with key, industrial organisations, and broad ecosystem companions in Japan, Spain, Singapore, Israel and much more countries.

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