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The Best Internet Speed Test of 2023 – Test Internet Connection

Working from home has become increasingly popular. Hybrid work arrangements are being adopted by more companies. Therefore, people who need to participate in Microsoft Teams or Zoom video calls still need a home best internet speed test connection. So, playing Fortnite, watching Netflix, or virtual-schooling with their friends. 

A test of home broadband connections was conducted during the first phase of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Worldwide, employees use managed and BYOD devices to log in. VPN access to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and business applications.

Here are five tests that ZDNet considers reliable for measuring broadband speed. Throughout the day, test results on various devices.

Is Speed Test By Ookla Reliable?

It is owned by Ookla, which also operates the outage site. The Downdetector was the first speed test for broadband connections. The program provides an ISP with information about upload and download speeds. A web page or a lightweight app is available. So, a total of 17 languages are supported. You need to create an account. A speedometer lets you monitor your progress.

We can select nearby servers more easily this way. We can combine servers that can handle the required bandwidth. It is essential for determining the maximum speed of the device in question. Over 35 billion people have used Speedtest since its inception in 2006.

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Advantages Ookla Speed Test:

  • The test has been used for general-purpose testing of broadband speeds since 2006
  • ISPs or service providers did not send it 
  • Test your ISP’s speed from the host server that you select

Disadvantage Ookla Speed Test:

  • There is a lot of technical jargon on the site that may not be understandable to some people 
  • There are advertisements and ad trackers everywhere 

How Can I Check My Internet Speed in Stadia?

Stadia, Google’s online gaming platform, has encountered some challenges since it launched in 2019. But the platform is large. Consumer broadband speed is crucial to the success of Stadia. A Stadia game should stream at a minimum speed of 10Mbps. 

From the Check Now button on the Projectstream website. It is a one-click procedure. Stadia users will benefit from it. Users are advised to use the device and network they wish to play on. 

So, having a strong Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection for accuracy. Additionally, it recommends that you stop any active downloads or file-sharing and close all tabs that are playing video. 

Advantages of Stadia:

  • The test has been used since 2006 for general-purpose broadband speed testing.
  • ISPs or service providers did not send it. 
  • Test your ISP’s speed from the host server that you select 

Disadvantage of Stadia :

  • There is a lot of technical jargon on the site that may not be understandable to some people. 
  • There are a lot of ads and tracking cookies compared to other tests.

Test of Comcast Xfinity xFi’s Speed

Gigabit internet is the leader in the US. Americans often test their broadband speed with Comcast’s Xfinity xFi service. Similar to Google’s speed test, the speed test also works in the same way. Their purpose is to reduce customer support calls due to broadband not being as fast as advertised. There are some pointers on the site for those who want to learn why speed results may not expect. I find them helpful, but they make me feel defensive.

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  • The interface is incredibly simple, and you won’t see any ads 
  • US-based test servers are used 


  • An Internet service provider conducted the test 
  • Support calls seem to be reduced as a result of the information it provides

What is The Best Internet Speed for Netflix? 

Netflix’s fast broadband speed is a good thing since Netflix runs it. A company that cares about its customers being able to stream its content on a fast connection. 

ISPs’ speed tests are not biased in any way. Additionally, the tests use Netflix’s giant content delivery network appliances installed on servers in many countries.  

Netflix Open Connect is Netflix’s vast CDN. Netflix is available over Open Connect appliances in ISPs that peer with Open Connect. Open Connect is a content delivery network built around moving content closer to users. It is how fast streaming is made possible.


  • Your connection to Netflix’s servers will be tested by this tool
  • Ads do not appear 
  • No matter where you stream Netflix from, this is relevant. 


  • You can’t use it to test the speed of your ISP’s connection 
  • Netflix-specific results

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