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What Is The Best Blogging Platform To Make Money [WordPress Or Blogger]

by FRQ

Not sure if WordPress or Blogger would be the best choice for you? You can get some advice here. Blogger and WordPress are the two Best Blogging Platform To Make Money. However, each forum operates differently. However, both have their pros and cons.

Blogger vs. WordPress is compared here side by side and shown the differences that matter. You can choose which platform is best suited for your needs with our help.

Which Platform Should I Use For My Blog?

I want to give you a quick comparison of Blogger vs. WordPress. As we select a blogging platform, let’s look at a few essential things we should consider. 

  • Choose a simple and easy platform to use for fast and easy blogging, adding content, and audience growth.
  • Your blog should be able to grow as features and resources are added.
  • Your blog can earn you money online if you want? A forum with a wide variety of monetization options would be the best option.

As you build your blog, design it, or manage it, you may require support. If you don’t know where to go or need help, you can get it as easily and quickly as possible. So, the above, platform costs, available design options, SEO features, and more consideration. To conclude, let’s see how WordPress and Blogger fare when it comes to these criteria.

Overview of WordPress And Blogger

There are two major platforms for managing blogs on the web: WordPress and Blogger. According to BuiltWith’s technology usage statistics, WordPress is the most popular platform for making money with blogging. About 38% of the top 1 million sites use it and 95% of their blogs. 

Who Is WordPress For And Why They Should Use It?

You can easily create an online store, blog, or website with the help of WordPress, which is unrestricted, open-source software. In addition to powering 38% of all websites on the web. Using the WordPress software for free for as many websites as you need is permitted.

Here are instructions for getting WordPress up and running. You may find it confusing at first. On the other hand, there is a wealth of user-friendly tutorial content on sites like WPBeginner and elsewhere.

What Is Blogger And Example?

Google provides the Blogger service for free. Pyra Labs founded it in 1999, and Google acquired it in 2003. Creating a blog with Blogger is free, and you may never have to pay. In addition, you receive a free blog URL. Specifically, the blog address will be something like: www.yourname.blogspot.com.

In addition to a custom domain, a blog is also possible with a custom name. A third-party domain registrar will help you register a domain name. Once registered, you can use it to link to your Blogger blog.

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What Are The Best Blogging Sites To Make Money?

Bloggers don’t have to be web developers to create a blog. Small business owners, people looking for a hobby, or passionate people are trying to share their ideas. It will be easier for them to share their thoughts if the blogging platform is easy to use.


A blog can create in a matter of minutes with Blogger, a simple blogging tool. Register for a Blogger account by visiting the Blogger website. Choose ‘Create New Blog’ from the menu options. 

Your next step is to choose your display name, select a theme, a blog title, and a blog address. You’ll be able to write on your blog once done. You can then edit your blog layout, configure blog settings, and add new posts. It’s pretty easy to set up. But if you wish to make changes to your theme, it becomes a bit more complicated. Blogger requires HTML skills to modify its design.


Getting a WordPress blog up and running is a quick and easy process. WordPress and plugins can be set up and installed by simply pointing and clicking on your computer screen.

You can be on your way within 30 minutes. You can pick a WordPress theme that fits your blog when the setup has complete. WordPress themes are like blog templates. The article determines how the blog appears. After installing the best WordPress plugins, you can extend the functionality of your WordPress blog.

Creating content in WordPress is easy with posts and pages. WordPress also offers a drag and drop page builder to customize everything except the block editor.

Control and Flexibility with Blogger

Blogging is made simple by Blogger. So your Blogspot blog can only do limited things. Several built-in gadgets allow you to add the following features: 

  • Publicity
  • Link to the subscription page
  • You can contact us through our contact form
  • Plus, a lot more 

Every Google gadget is available. There are no alternatives for these gadgets because they have limited functionality. Blogger does not have advanced features like popups or eCommerce. Therefore, the income potential for Blogger is significantly limited.

Control and Flexibility Options with WordPress

The open-source nature of WordPress allows you to add new features quickly. Free and premium plugins are readily available for WordPress to extend and modify the default functionality. By using plugins, for example, you could:

  • Your website can upgrade with a store
  • Portfolio creation
  • Capture visitors’ emails with a popup
  • Share buttons for social media
  • Additionally, many other things.

Managing Security in Blogger

By using Blogger, you gain the security and reliability of Google’s platform. Managing your blog’s resources or securing it is no problem, and no backups need to create. You will lose access to all the other websites hosted on Blogger if Blogger goes down.

Managing Security in WordPress

As a self-hosted solution, WordPress is secure. It’s good to know that WordPress plugins can make your life easier. UpdraftPlus and VaultPress are great options for creating backups. See our comprehensive guide to WordPress security for a complete overview.

Future of Your Blog on Blogger

There hasn’t been an essential update for Blogger in quite some time. Since Google Reader, Google AdSense for feeds, and FeedBurner have discontinued over the years. We have seen Google drop popular services.

According to Google, bloggers will be around for a long time. But they can shut down the site at any time. It means your blog’s future is also dependent on Google.

Future of Your Blog on WordPress

Due to its open-source status, WordPress’ future depends on no one company or individual. Discover how WordPress works. See our history article for more information. We are confident that WordPress will keep on growing in the years ahead.

Cost of Making a Blog in Blogger

It is entirely free to use Blogger. Start blogging today for free with free Blogspot hosting. In addition to Blogger’s themes and gadgets, there are a variety of third-party themes available for purchase. Blogger supports custom domain names. 

Purchasing the domain from a company such as Domain.com is necessary. Domain.com’s coupon code will give you a discount off the regular domain name price of $14.99 a year. However, even though Blogger is a free platform, it lacks several features you will need to make a successful blog.

Cost of Making a Blog in WordPress

It would help if you had a domain name and a hosting plan to start a blog, but the WordPress software is free. For just $2.75 per month, Bluehost offers you a WordPress hosting plan with a free domain.

You will have to pay for continuing services once you’ve created your blog. You will pay more money if you use premium themes and plugins. If you monetize your blog, you can also get a great return on investment from theme and plugin purchases.

Conclusion Of Best Blogging Platform To Make Money

There are several Best Blogging Platform To Make Money, including WordPress and Blogger. Ultimately, your blog should be about what you would like to achieve. 

Blogger is an excellent blogging platform for personal blogs. A scalable platform like WordPress can be highly profitable.

So, adding a shop and membership site to your blog. You can add tons of marketing tools and make money using WordPress. By looking at the pros and cons of each, we hope this comparison of WordPress with Blogger will help you make an informed choice. 

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