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How to Get FIFA Mobile 23 Apk v18.1.01 Limited Beta Test on Android | FIFA 23

by Naseer

Android users can currently download the game from the Play Store. An Electronic Arts beta version of FIFA Mobile 23 was released recently. Play Store users can currently only play the game in selected regions. Despite this, this article will explain how to get FIFA mobile 23 apk. Beta without regional restrictions. A huge global success is FIFA Soccer by EA.

In the case of FIFA 23, EA was able to try out some new things through FIFA Mobile that would otherwise have disrupted the momentum of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The process of installing APK files is well known to you if you have downloaded them before. 

FIFA Mobile 23 Apk For Android Mobile

You can also follow our instructions if you are doing it for the first time or if it has been a while since you did it. You should connect to WiFi before beginning the download and installation process. In addition, you are recommended to update your Android phone before proceeding.

IT’S AT has recently announced that they will be conducting a limited beta test for FIFA Mobile, as promised earlier. Limited Beta program participants in Canada and India have exclusive access to the new roster and uniforms. In addition, a new tagged feature, Advanced step, is introduced along with these EAs. 

FIFA Web App Mobile 23 Limited Beta Start & End

The FIFA Mobile 23 beta testing began on October 12 and ends on October 31. Unless FIFA Mobile 23 requires further testing, it could last until November. FIFA Mobile 23 just launched a limited beta, and here’s how to download it and which regions it’s available in. With FIFA Mobile, EA can try out new ideas that would otherwise disrupt FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Mobile Brand New Advanced Passing Mechanism

The beta only contains updates to the team database and kit repository, but the new Advanced step has people talking. A new advanced passing technique elevates EA’s passing mechanism.

Players can perform five advanced passing actions based on the situation. You can find the full list of steps and how to do them individually on the following page:

  • Double-tap Ground Pass to get it
  • Double-tap Through to skip the passage
  • Swipe left to guide the ground passage
  • Switch to Guided Lob Pass and swipe right
  • Click Through and scroll down to trigger run

FIFA Mobile 23 Apk 2023 Features

Gameplay in FIFA Mobile 23 will also include some new features, including:

  1. New Menus and UI
  2. Custom Lineups
  3. Player Roster and Event Roster
  4. Advanced Passing
  5. Bonus Login Rewards
  6. Updated Audio Commentary
  7. Live OVR
  8. Matches and mini-events
  9. Head-to-Head with Division Rivals

FIFA Mobile Beta Improvements & Major Changes

FIFA Mobile 23 has the following improvements:

  • Out-of-reach possession in VS Attack and League Matches
  • “No Switch” when using Semi-Assisted Switching
  • You will no longer be stuck in Attacking Control State

How To Get FIFA Mobile online 23 Beta On Android (APK)

  1. Your Google account must be Indian / Canadian to get the game.
  2. Any VPN will do 
  3. Choose Tunnel Bear VPN
  4. Set the VPN to India/Canada
  5. Creating an account is easy
  6. Do not add your mobile number
  7. I accept the TnC
  8. You can find the game on Google Play
  9. Install the game
  10. Play with a VPN on

Get It On Play Store

Ensure your Internet connection is strong and stable to play the game. The following information is needed in order for you to be able to play the game right now. There are currently only Android devices that can play the game, at the moment.

Please visit the official event website for more information about this event. In addition, you can report feedback and bugs here to the developer.

FIFA Game 23 Mobile Limited Beta APK Installation

To download and install, follow these steps:

  • APK for Limited Beta
  • For Android, go to “Settings”
  • Select “Install Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Tap “Install” next to the FIFA Mobile 23 APK File
  • Update FIFA Mobile 23 APK
  • Next, open FIFA Mobile 23 and log in as a “Guest”
  • This Limited Beta will only support “Guest” logins

Getting And Playing The FIFA Mobile 23 Beta In Any Country

Android and iOS users can now get FIFA Mobile 23 for beta testing. Due to federal restrictions, some players may experience problems installing. In order to install and play FIFA Mobile 23 Beta, you need to follow the steps below.

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