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How To Build Your Personal Brand On YouTube

Consider the possibility of building your personal brand through social media platforms. LinkedIn comes immediately to mind. In the end, it’s the place you can meet professionals who are serious about their careers. Moreover, LinkedIn has over one billion members. The purpose of LinkedIn is to showcase your credentials and accomplishments for career advancement. 

We’ll take LinkedIn as an obvious necessity for introducing yourself to others and building your brand. LinkedIn provides a solid foundation for your brand. Is there another tool you should be using to gain an edge? YouTube is one of them. Consider these reasons:

How To Build Your Personal Brand?

Throughout this year, the biggest social media platforms have continued to grow enormously. With over 2.1 billion active users, Facebook remains the dominant social network. According to Google, YouTube reached 34.6 billion visitors in May 2021. The numbers presented by video-sharing platforms outnumber Facebook and Twitter combined. 

You shouldn’t be surprised that YouTube came in second that month. Data shows that YouTube has five times the number of monthly visitors as Twitter compared to other social media platforms. There are only four and a half times as many monthly visitors on Instagram as there are on YouTube.

What Is Need Of Engaging Deeply?

The primary medium of YouTube is video, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. Video communication is a powerful communication tool. We can’t do it better than by being there. During the pandemic, live video platforms like Zoom took off. 

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The reason was that we wanted something that replicated the real-life interaction of people with each other. Phone calls and emails aren’t good enough. Video provides a more compelling way to communicate when combining words with body language and tone of voice.

What Is Differentiator Give Example?

We can easily create, edit, share, and store videos today, despite the wide availability of videos. However, many people have yet to embrace this technology. It is undoubtedly a good thing for you. The communication channels have increased dramatically. 

Because few of your peers use it, you will stand out. Make sure you do it immediately. As the pandemic progressed, everyone became more comfortable videotaped. So I predict that asynchronous video will be used more and more by professionals.

Visible Your Personal Brand On YouTube

A study by Forrester Research revealed videos are 50 times more effective than still images. Video-based content has a higher chance of appearing on page one of search engine results, as per SEO Inc. Several years ago, Google introduced its universal search, which displays: 

We are trying to break down walls with universal search. They said when it launched. We used to have different search properties for different types of information. The information has now been consolidated into a single search result. The textual content may also use. 

Google owns video services. Thus, YouTube videos are frequently found in search results. It is essential when you publish your thought leadership through video. This will make it easier for people to find your thought leadership.


YouTube is used as a search engine to locate videos, so people use it to find what they are looking for. The videos posted to YouTube are visible well beyond its boundaries. Videos posted to YouTube can be shared on other social media platforms easily. 

Share your YouTube video with your Facebook audience if they are on Facebook. Additionally, you will reach Facebook viewers as well as those who watch YouTube. A great deal of LinkedIn traffic comes from YouTube. Your videos can share with followers and connections and with groups you belong to. 

YouTube videos can also feature in your profile. Your personal brand and thought leadership are present in this area. It is valuable real estate in your profile where you can include rich media. You will appear more attractive to decision-makers when you include rich media.

Innovative Build Your Personal Brand

The video communications industry continues to be revolutionized by YouTube. Its new video format, shorts, is one such innovation. Youtube Shorts is a unique short-form video experience that provides creators and artists with a place to produce short videos.

Creators and artists can use their mobile phones to create catchy videos. You can make it quickly, so it is ideal for those quick moments you want to capture. TikTok is an entirely different environment. It is now easier to express witty or pithy thoughts with this additional format.

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