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How to Use YouTube Studio App to Check Your Earnings and Stats

Tracking your performance on YouTube can be challenging at times. However, you can monitor everything in one place. You are already earning money off of them. Make sure you know in YouTube Studio App how to track your analytics and your Revenue.

Process begins once your channel reaches the eligibility criteria. You must follow this procedure. Access to the following information is limited to you only.

How Does YouTube Monetize?

YouTube Partner Program the program is available only to certain countries. The channel monetization policies of YouTube must also follow. During the last 12 months, the public must watch more than 4,000 hours and have over 1,000 subscribers. Additionally, your profile must link to a Google AdSense account.

There is a strike against your channel due to the Community Guidelines. You cannot monetize your channel. You can also apply to become a YouTube Partner if you don’t yet meet the criteria. YouTube Shorts Fund is still available to you.

How Do I See My Analytics On Youtube App?

After logging into YouTube Studio App, open the app. The dashboard of your channel appears. The Analytics page will appear near the top. An overview of Analytics will appear.

A menu bar in YouTube Studio App runs across the top of the screen, containing a variety of options. These options are available by swiping left on the banner at the top. There are four tabs: 

The first box shows the number of views over the last 28 days. With this slide, you can view your channel’s subscribers, watch time, and estimated Revenue.

You can tap on Total Views, for example. Views for your channel over the past 28 days can view in a graph. Videos and comments from your channel are found below. By tapping on the words, you can view and reply.

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How To Check Your Total Youtube Views

To get your YouTube views data, you can follow the above steps from the Youtube Studio dashboard. Additionally, you can tap on the Menu button, select Analytics, and click on the Views box. 

Views over the past 28 days are displayed on this graph. Furthermore, a dropdown box on this page lets you select a timeframe to view data. Also, it gives you a choice of various timeframes.

Tap on the back arrow to return to the Analytics Overview page. You can see the number of views generated in the past 48 hours by scrolling down. Additionally, you'll be able to see thumbnails of your top five videos during this period. 

You may also view your top five videos for the past 28 days by scrolling down. When you select one of these, you will see a detailed graph of your YouTube channel’s data.

How To Check The Best YouTube Videos to Watch

Video creation to earn money. We need to be able to identify which videos perform well. You can find this by tapping the Menu button and then selecting Videos. Clicking on them brings up your videos. 

YouTube Studio App will allow you to find videos that are most popular instantly. Click on the one you want, and it will sort them by newest or most-viewed first. Videos sorted by popularity will appear when you choose Most Viewed. You can check which videos are performing well at this time by tapping Menu. Scroll down and click Analytics to view your channel’s real-time views for the last 48 hours. 

The top 28 videos for your channel are located under this section. A dropdown box allows you to select the duration of your choice. When you tap on any of the listed videos, you’ll see statistics on how many views it received, how many clickthroughs it received, and so on. Click on Go to my youtube studio Analytics to view more data.

How to Check YouTube Earnings

Your channel will generate Revenue once it has been established. By tapping Menu, you can keep track of it. It will allow you to tap Revenue.

Adding data usually takes 48 hours. It means that data won’t appear immediately. A dropdown box at the top of the screen lets you select a timeframe to view data. Your estimated Revenue for the past 28 days will display within this section.

Quickly check your monthly payments by using this dropdown box. Set the dropdown box to the previous month’s pay. In YouTube Studio App, YouTube will deposit into your AdSense account how much it has collected this month.

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