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How To Promote Your YouTube Video With Google Ads

The process of how to promote your Youtube video is the same as creating one for other social media sites. This massively popular platform isn’t something you want to waste money or exposure on.

Customize your video ad audience by location, interest, or other factors. Videos will show up before or next to related videos. It can allow for one-to-one communications with potential customers. Pricing is flexible so that we can work with most budgets. 

Our goal is to gradually roll out ads to a limited number of videos on channels in our YouTube Partner Program starting today. As a YouTube partner, you won’t see these ads. But you might see ads when you make videos. 

However, you aren’t affiliated with Youtube Partner Program. YouTube Partner Program is a program for video creators and influencers who have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watched content a month. Google Ads powers YouTube’s promotional tools. Therefore, it cannot be easy to handle. 

1. How Do I Open Youtube Studio In Chrome?

You can access the workspace of your channel in a few different ways. On the menu that appears, YouTube Studio will be one of the choices. The same menu also allows you to open a channel. You can choose from Customize Channels or Manage Videos. By clicking either of these buttons, you will take to the Studio.

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2. How Do I Get A Video To Advertise My Product?

  • You can view all your videos under the Content tab in the Studio. 
  • You can find the video you want to promote by searching. 
  • Choose whichever case applies to you from the drop-down list.

3. Customize Your Advert’s Look

A good video should be the starting point of your marketing campaign. Learn how to establish a brand, engage viewers, and create a strong YouTube presence by following expert advice.

The key to creating an effective ad is deciding where and what the ad should appear. When users click on your landing page, you can choose the page you want them to see.

Ads can also appear as thumbnails on homepages, in search results, or beside related videos. The promoted video is found on a YouTube page when you select it.

As a thumbnail image, you can select a still from your video. Then you can write a headline and two descriptions for the video. Keep your words short. You can see the preview of your ad while you are making all these adjustments. Computers and smartphones display it the same way. Click Next to fine-tune your promotion.

4. Select Locations and Languages

You need to specify which countries you target and what languages they speak. Your video needs to deliver the same message in those languages, too. In addition to these options, Google estimates your advert’s performance every week. Please click Next again after you are done.

5. Choose Target Audience

Before launching any marketing campaign, you should plan out what you need and what goals you want to achieve. It is very easy to ensure very broad visibility by leaving all the boxes checked. However, when you are selective, you can cover specific gaps within your target audience.

Social media marketing can improve through numerous online resources. You can also narrow your target audience by using these resources. Almost every step in the Google Ad process contains weekly estimates. Please do not ignore them.

6. Focus On Specific Audience Interests

A broad demographic can reach once again. However, the results may not match what you expect. Build a computer in your video. To benefit from this step, you should narrow down the types of individuals most likely to click on your ad.

There are fewer options on YouTube compared to Facebook and the like. Click on the downward arrows, check out the available interests, and choose your favorites. We will adjust the estimates for you as you go.

7. Create A Daily Budget

There is a daily budget that you can set with Google Ads, but it is not free. Enter your budget in the field provided. As the campaign runs, the system will adhere to the budget.

Your marketing strategy might trip you up if it is extensive. Additional tools can help you. Moreover, budgeting tools can assist with money management. Every time your budget is reached. It stops counting after that date.

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8. Check Your Ad And Set A Duration

It is now possible to check and adjust your choices before submitting the campaign for review. One last click on Next will bring you to your Google Ads account. Now comes the tricky part.

You start by exploring something simple in the system. For example, your ad’s duration set. Click on the Overview button. So, each campaign’s past and present performance will show.

  • The default name of your new advertisement will be a serial number. 
  • However, you can change it if you wish. 
  • Click on the blue name. The dashboard will appear. 
  • It will remain blank until the YouTube campaign is approved.

You can set your dates by selecting More details from the top menu. Your campaign will appear along with the Edit in settings button and some basic information about it. When you click it, you can modify it as follows: 

  • Location
  • Name
  • Types of videos your ad will not appear in.

Budget and date fields appear when you select them. A window will appear with these details displayed. However, the end date will not be displayed by default. Select one if you would like greater control over your campaign, especially in regards to the budget. If you want to stop your campaign, click Edit, choose a date, and click Save. It’s always possible to change it later.

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