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Play Store Latest Update Introduces A Reviews Section

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In the Play Store, the Reviews section is a pretty helpful feature. The situation isn’t spectacular, but it gets the job done. You can use this for any app or game. You should probably start with a review. By doing this, we can understand the app completely. 

With the addition of filters for Positive, Critical, and 1 to 5-star reviews on the Play Store, we have even more flexibility. Now this section is even more helpful. On Google Play, studies now have their area. Here’s everything you need to know.

Reviews In The Play Store

Let’s first discuss this before moving forward. The Play Store now has a new section for reviews.

  • Open the Android app to access the Play Store.
  • The top left-hand corner of the screen contains a hamburger menu that allows you to select My apps and games.
  • You will see two charges on that page. In the Unreviewed tab, you will find all the apps that you have not yet reviewed.
  • You can review all the reviews you have submitted so far in the Posted section.

Some things may be confusing for you. You will find this section under Installed. In reality, you won’t find this section there. Therefore, only the apps you already have installed should be listed in the Reviews section. 

Though not much of a problem, it makes more sense if the reviews of uninstalled apps locate under the Library tab of the Play Store. Check out these Android apps for couples while we’re talking about apps.

It is also worth considering that these reviews cannot be sorted. Each review is automatically sorted. It is the most recent review that appears at the top. Studies could not be sorted alphabetically or searched using the search bar. Reviewers could only be found by scrolling.

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The Play Store is getting a new section called Reviews. The next update should resolve these caveats. In addition, we would like to know your viewpoint on the same, down below in the comments section.

It’s possible to control precisely when your app’s updates publish with managed publishing. The feature can turn on and off. The Publishing overview page shows you. We’ll let you know which of your changes are in review and which will be published.

An Overview Of Your Changes

You can keep track of upcoming changes and control them. The Publishing overview page is where changes are published once approved. 

Your app distribution on Google Plays update with the changes listed. Your app’s production release might include adding new countries/regions. You can also submit content to help us review your application. 

Your app’s target audience may change as a result of content rating questionnaires. A table listing each change with a summary of the change and a link to the actual change. Updates approved for Google Play are only published if managed publishing is enabled.

Managed Publishing When To Use It

Anyone who wants to keep track of app changes and review statuses will benefit from managed publishing. You can schedule when the app update goes live. Organizing an ad campaign or launch event can be helpful in this regard. 

It is a new version release of your app with changes to its store listing or distribution. Apps that receive comprehensive reviews may also benefit from managed publishing. So, new accounts that submit apps. Designed for Families developers may also help from managed publishing.

  1. Changes unaffected by managed publishing
  2. Most changes in managed publishing hold back until the author decides to publish them. These are some examples:
  3. The release of your releases on a full and staged basis
  4. Pre-registration launch and update
  5. Including custom store listings and experiments with store listings
  6. The app content has changed
  7. Category changes for your app
  8. Play settings can manage

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The new update to the Play Store introduces several significant changes. We’re adding a new section to My Apps called Recently Updated. Here, you will find newly updated apps. The general list used to include freshly updated apps. You could also see a list of newly updated apps.

With this update, combined notifications are another prominent feature. With the current version, notifications send out every time an update is successful. Moreover, in the notification bar, a separate notification appears each time an update is successful. Your device might not receive it right away. Your device will soon receive the update.

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