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Google Killing AdSense On Android And iOS Starting This Year

Adding advertising to a website is easy with AdSense. Google Killing AdSense app allows publishers to track revenue and views from mobile devices. Today, Google announced it was ending Android and iOS client support. Google will continue to support the web as an alternative.

According to the Inside AdSense blog, the current iOS and Android apps are being retired. It’s despite mobile devices accounting for over a third of AdSense revenue. In addition to replacing the desktop with the web, Google is investing in mobile devices. A Progressive Web App will probably replace the current website. The app launcher of Android allows users to pin this app to the home screen.

Invest in a web application that runs on all platforms. In the future, AdSense for mobile will be available much faster than it is today. Although this year’s Material Theme revamp has improved the look of the theme. 

Can I Use AdSense For Apps?

A mobile version of the theme is not available. The update never reached iOS and Android. More advanced features for managing accounts and setting up ads are always available on the full site

You have worked so hard for years on a product or people. Ending the project is heartbreaking. Yet, it is sometimes necessary. Over 251 Google products abandon due to poor performance. Do you think Google would ever stop developing AdSense apps for iOS and Android?

Every website utilizes Google AdSense to display its advertisements. Android and iOS apps allow users to check earnings and other statistics on the go. The Google mobile app is now shaky as Google is unsure if it will continue.

Also, the Google AdSense team suggests a more interactive, proactive approach. Experience for the service in the future. A healthy AdSense account is our vision. Google is known for shutting down useful services without replacing them.

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Can I use AdSense on Android?

The Play Store is expected to remove the apps by the end of the year. Apps will probably no longer work by this time. It is a disappointing move from Google, and painful for blog owners, website owners, and freelancers. However, big daddy has already decided to proceed.

The Google AdSense publisher apps on iOS and Android will no longer be supported by Google. Your earnings and performance will no longer be available in the native apps. We will focus our investment on AdSense mobile web and sunset our current iOS and Android apps. 

Google announced that the AdSense apps for Android and iOS would be retired soon. There was an iOS app that launched in 2013, and it has continuously been supported until now. 

Does Adsense App Still Work?

Google Play and Apple AppStore will no longer offer the AdSense app. You should back up the app and sideload it after becoming used to it. The app will still work on another device after backing up. Google Adsense is currently only available on the web. Please stay tuned for updates.

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What Is Meant By Progressive Web Apps?

By using a PWA, you will be able to utilize both native and web-based features. This application offers an app icon. It is easy to install and has native features. This application also offers push notifications and offline accessibility. 

A PWA is an app that runs in a browser and is not available on an app store. Google Adsense for iOS and Android is scheduled to be shut down at an unspecified date soon. It is projected that it will take place by the end of the year.

A team of engineers at Google will work on improving the mobile web interface for Adsense. To find out if this action will be successful, we must wait until the end of this year.

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