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How to Get Google Adsense Approval For Website in 2023

by FRQ

Site owners and bloggers can monetize their sites more effectively through Google Adsense. Thousands of advertisers already buy traffic through pay-per-click in Google. Advertisers can display ads on sites through Adsense, and site owners can earn commissions in the process.

This guides you on how to get Google Adsense approval to your benefit. We will also show you what’s working for today’s bloggers and site owners. So this course will help you learn what it takes to get your AdSense approval

Your site does not seem to be getting approved. This probably indicates that you’re doing it right. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to contact Adsense for support. It was also not getting approved, but I am getting it now because I learned how. The Adsense approval was recently approved, so how to get Google Adsense does not share it with you guys.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

Introducing again that how to get Google AdSense is a significant contextual advertising network is pointless. AdSense approval had been straightforward until this year. After you register, you review for AdSense approval. At that point, you can start earning revenue from your website.

New publishers will now have an easier time applying for AdSense approval with AdSense’s latest changes. Here are the procedures for getting your account approved:

  1. Confirm that AdSense is compatible with your website
  2. Sign up for AdSense
  3. To access your account, you must log in
  4. How to get Google Adsense code, copy and paste the  AdSense code
  5. The final review and approval will take about one to two weeks
  6. It will show blank ads as soon as the code adds to your blog.

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Before you continue reading, here are some quick answers to the questions you may have:

  • How much traffic require for AdSense approval?
  • How many views need for Adsense approval?
  • How much Content need for Adsense approval 2021?

Remember to always keep in mind that How to Get Google Adsense approvals for custom domains do not need more views or Content. As I have approved over 20 accounts with zero traffic

The process of reviewing your application usually takes 48 hours. Ads will appear on your blog once your application is approved. 

Adsense Application Tips Before You Apply

Before applying for an Adsense account, you should know the following:

  • Adsense policies can be found in the Google Adsense help center.
  • Adsense policies require that your website have lots of Content. Adsense policies also require that your website has not been approved previously for Adsense.
  • The domain you want to use should be at least two months old. Applicants from the Middle East, China, India, and Pakistan may need at least a six-month-old domain to qualify for an Adsense account.
  • Applicants for Adsense must receive at least 100 unique visitors every day for their website. In recent years, policies have become more strict, and getting accepted may be more difficult if you lack traffic.
  • Adsense can only be used with a Google account such as Gmail. Creating a new account is not necessary.
  • Only one Adsense account is allowed per person.
  • Under 18-year-olds aren’t eligible for the application process.
  • The best way to get Google Adsense approved
  • Adsense approves sites that follow the following four rules.
  • You should have a 6-month-old website.
  • With original and unique Content, it’s a great website.
  • Traffic-generating website.
  • It would help if you placed the Adsense ads above the fold when you add them for the first time.

How to Get Google AdSense approved, follow these steps:

  1. By visiting AdSense.com, you can register an account. You must provide a correct name, email address, and website address.
  2. Make an AdSense code by logging into your AdSense account. You can put it on your sidebar.
  3. A blank ad will appear while the approval process is still in progress.
  4. Usually the approval process takes between two to three weeks. Please do not remove your ads before it is complete.
  5. Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail confirming the approval of your AdSense application.
  6. If you earn $10 or more in AdSense, AdSense will send you a PIN by mail.
  7. Enter your AdSense Pin in your AdSense account once you’ve received it.

Congratulations on completing all the steps. Your earnings will begin to be delivered to you or wired once you have reached $100. Direct bank transfer is the best way to receive payments from AdSense directly.

In addition, people who are signing up using a different website might discover that it is tough to get signed up for AdSense. It’s time for you to consider AdSense alternatives if your account reject.

How to Get Google Adsense Requirements

  • You will need a website or blog to accept into Google Adsense.
  • Hosting and a custom domain are required
  • Installing WordPress is necessary

Conclusions of How to Get Google Adsense

If you satisfy the criteria outlined above, getting approved for an AdSense account will not be difficult. It is a great way to earn money from Adsense, but you always have to ensure that you don’t violate their guidelines.

Breaking the rules forever ends your participation in the program. When it comes to getting Google Adsense, organic traffic converts better, so you should try to get more organic traffic and soon realize the benefits of Adsense.

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