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VideoDuke Review Of The Best Mac Video Downloader

Scrolling through your feed shows a new post. A funny video is found, or something of interest is found. There is no download option for VideoDuke. So, you cannot download it. No matter which platform you use-be it YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.-we’ve all been there.

There is no download option available on most popular video hosting websites. Facebook videos are not available for download. Third-party solutions are recommended. There is an exclusive Mac video downloader called VideoDuke that offers such a solution. 

Furthermore, almost every website you visit can be downloaded. If you have an app that suits your needs, you do not need to worry about that. If you are looking to download Facebook videos, VideoDuke might be the best choice. Find out what it can do.

What Is The Best Free Video Downloader For Mac?

VideoDuke allows the user to download other media formats as well, such as images and audio files. Furthermore, it offers the option of downloading supporting files, such as album art and closed captions.

There is support for many formats and video resolutions up to 8K in this product. There are still more features to come. Several online video downloader tools are available today.

There is a search feature in VideoDuke as well as easy browser integration. Using it to download Facebook videos is simple. You can paste the YouTube URL and download the video in the simple model, the default one.

Further, the app has a built-in web browser, which allows you to search for and browse your videos app itself. In addition to audio, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, flash, and Java files. VideoDuke provides all types of files in all formats and sizes.

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VideoDuke Design

Software and apps have user interfaces that are intended to simplify daily tasks for the user. The interface should not just be attractive. But it should also enable the user to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. I don’t have much to say about VideoDuke on that front.

It simply gets you to the Safari interface when you open it. You can use the URL bar right away. All of the other features are designed to get you started right away.

In addition to the looks, design should enable users to do what they need to do quickly. In this regard, VideoDuke does not disappoint. You will need to click on a button first with many of these video downloaders. When you do, you will be able to enter the URL. Once the app opens, you can start downloading your video.

How Can I Download Videos From Facebook Using Videoduke?

  • YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook can all be accessed with the above method.
  • Facebook Video Downloader for Mac is available free of charge from VideoDuke
  • Your Mac needs to be installed with the downloaded app.
  • The URL for the video can copy from the URL bar.
  • You can usually copy the video URL by right-clicking the video and selecting the Copy video URL.
  • Alternatively, you can select the Copy URL from the Share button on Facebook.
  • In VideoDuke, open the URL bar at the top and paste in the copied URL.
  • VideoDuke will display all the files that are available to you if you click on Advanced Mode.
  • You can download any file by clicking on the Download button next to it.

It should now begin downloading for you. Your internet speed and the speed of the servers determine how long it takes to download Facebook videos. The app also allows you to access any other website. A video can be easily downloaded when you come across it.

Unfortunately, it isn’t intended for browsing the web. Your current web browser won’t be replaced by it anytime soon. It is still a great feature to have, instead of opening the browser every time you watch a video. You can browse and download it directly.

VideoDuke allows you to download two videos for free for a trial period. You can then purchase the app if you like it. This gives you access to all your favorite sites for downloading videos. To use it for personal use, you need to pay $19.95. You can use VideoDuke on up to three Macs with the family license, which costs $39.95.

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