Home Telecom Home Telecom Offers Free Internet To K-12 Housing In Cross

Home Telecom Offers Free Internet To K-12 Housing In Cross

In South Carolina, the company’s largest coverage area, you have the best chance of finding Home Telecom service. Other states include Kansas, among others. They offer Fiber services, which means they have up to four times faster speeds than different types of services.

This is done using fiber optics rather than copper wires. Fiber internet companies install fiber internet boxes at your home to provide fiber service. These boxes are connected to your router and modem by fiber.

Getting an understanding of how much time you spend on the Internet is essential. Check your email only when it is from family and friends. Make sure you use your connection daily with a wide range of people.

Home Telecom offers a variety of plans. The Internet plans are available at different speeds.

Home Telecom Offers Free Internet

GigaFi offers gigabit speeds as part of its GigaFi plan. Moreover, they are suitable for casual users as well as gamers. They offer speeds up to one gigabit. You can expand your plan to include home phone service in addition to home Internet. This service comes at an affordable price with Home Telecom.

It’s an excellent option for people who rarely use their home phone or only need it in case of an emergency. The Home Telecom cable TV service includes this feature. By creating a custom plan, you can get the channels you want without paying for channels you’ll never watch. 

There are nearly 300 channels available to subscribers of Home Telecom. You can also enjoy the following benefits: 

This company also offers home security, which is one of its significant advantages. Your home is monitored around the clock when you have a security system. Almost any Internet-enabled device can monitor it. No matter where you are, you can have peace of mind.

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This service is available for businesses. Find out what Home Telecom can offer for small and big companies. It is based in South Carolina, which serves most of the state. Home Telecom can give you information on deals and promotions available in your area if you live in this region.

A Lowcountry technology provider announced its award-winning status. Kindergarten-age families will be able to use free internet services. This is part of Berkeley County School District’s partnership with the provider, according to the release. Google grants support Berkeley County School District. 

The press release states that only 60% of school-age homes in that area have internet access. 365 BCSD addresses will be provided with high-speed Internet via Home Telecom and in-house WiFi. The grant from Google will fund the free Internet.

An Easy-to-use Threat Protection Solution

  • Viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, phishing, botnets, rootkits, fake antiviruses, and more are protected.
  • Sites blocking and warnings about dangerous websites
  • Protects your emails and IM from spam and malicious links
  • Validates WiFi hotspots and the Windows Firewall

Security On Social Networks

Provides warnings about dangerous links on: 

  1. Google Plus
  2. Pinterest
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter and MySpace

Uses the new Facebook Privacy Scanner feature to discover settings that could be leaving your personal information at risk Optimize performance

Cleans Up The Pc And Improves Performance

  • Documents temporarily stored
  • Registrations
  • Histories of the browser
  • The cookie
  • Using System Tuner as a startup manager

Online Child Safety

  • Access to desktop applications and web content is restricted
  • You can schedule access times for your children

Protect Your Data From Loss And Theft

  1. Credit card and password information is protected
  2. Using Secure Erase, shred sensitive data
  3. Protects sensitive documents in password-protected folders. 
  4. Defends against theft or loss of a computer by locking files remotely.
  5. Home Telecom High-Speed customers can use this service for free as long as they remain customers.  
  6. Dial-up customers are not eligible for this service.

Accessing The Software

  • Go HomeSC dot com
  • Scroll down and click on New Apps
  • You will then be directed to the Get Trend Micro page by clicking on the Trend Micro icon
  • You can sign up by clicking here
  • Throughout the installation process, you will be guided by the instructions onscreen.

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