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How To Turn Off Touch Screen On Chromebook – Complete Guide

A Chromebook with a touchscreen has its advantages. Users can easily work on these devices. However, while Chromebooks are excellent devices, they do have some problems. The touchscreen is the primary issue. Mostly people don’t know how to turn off touch screen on chromebook 

Although it is easy for browsing, it acts as an excellent smartphone-laptop combination and adds more versatility. Chromebooks have touch screens. But sometimes it’s a good idea to turn them off.

How To Turn Off Touch Screen On Chromebook

Touchscreens are a good example. It’s great for browsing and navigating similarly to a laptop and smartphone. Chromebooks come with touchscreens and touchpads. You’ll want to turn these off from time to time. 

Tips: Google, the touch screen has been made very easy to turn on and off. We have some extra tips on how to use the touchpad and touchscreen.

How to Disable the Touchscreen on a Chromebook

Turning on/off the touch screen has been made easy by Google. Chromebooks can turn off their touchscreens quickly. The touchpad on Chromebooks has more capabilities than the touchpad on laptops, and some users point out.

A Chromebook is not like a regular laptop. However, unlike MacBooks and Windows, Chromebooks are simpler. In most cases, the laptop’s Chrome browser is used for tweaking. Although this sounds a little inconvenient, it makes things simpler.

The touchpad, however, may occasionally slip your fingers when typing. The pointer may also move annoyingly.

Why Disable the Touchscreen?

An iPad like touchscreen is an excellent addition to a laptop. The screen allows you to avoid using the touchpad. The screen will sometimes appear blank when you stare at it for a long time. Because of this, Google allows users to switch it off and on at will.

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Why Disable the Touchpad?

Instead of using the touchpad, let’s use the touchscreen feature. A regular mouse may have been attached to your Chromebook. While typing, you occasionally touch the touchpad accidentally, and the pointer moves. Moreover, you may accidentally click on something you didn’t intend to.

Steps to turn off the touchscreen on a Chromebook:

  • First of all open chrome web browser on chromebook
  • The address bar can be entered with chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts
  • On the next screen, find ‘Debugging keyboard shortcuts‘ highlighted in red
  • It will enable the option once you click ‘Enable.’
  • You can disable the touchscreen by pressing the Search + Shift + T combination when the device is restarted
  • Holding down Search + Shift + P disables the touchpad function

Extra Tips About Using the Touchpad

Chromebook touchpads have more functions than a regular laptop touchpad despite their appearance. Before you disable the touchpad, read these tips.

  1. Click the touchpad by tapping it or pressing it.
  2. Right-click with two fingers simultaneously by tapping or pressing the touchpad.
  3. You can hold down Alt while you click/tap if you prefer.
  4. You can scroll with two fingers by moving them left/right on the touchpad or up/down.
  5. Swipe left with two fingers if you would like to return to a page you were on.
  6. If you want to go forward, swipe right.
  7. Swipe down or up three fingers to see all open windows.
  8. Use three fingers to tap/click the touchpad to close a tab.
  9. Tap/click the touchpad with three fingers when hovering over a web link to open it in a new tab.
  10. You can toggle between multiple tabs by swiping left/right with three fingers.
  11. As the last step, click and hold an item to move it from point A to point B.
  12. Then, move the item wherever you want.
  13. Changing the settings in the Touchpad/Touchpad and mouse section of Settings will change how the touchpad works.

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