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How To Change The Ring Doorbell Battery?

The purpose of this article is to help you if you recently purchased the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and found that it takes longer than usual to fully charge the battery. This article will show you how to change the ring doorbell battery, charge, or replace it as necessary.

Is The Ring Doorbell 3’s Battery Removable?

Yes, Ring Doorbell 3 batteries are removable and replaced with standard lithium-ion batteries. Rechargeable batteries are included. Hardwiring is also an option.

Some Ring doorbells require batteries, but the device won’t require any if plugged in. When in doubt about whether you can remove the Ring doorbell batteries, ask one of the associates at your local Ring store.

Battery life is 6-12 months, according to the manufacturer, which is quite long. Using the video streaming and communication capabilities of the doorbell as well as turning on the motion sensor will have an effect on battery life.

Note: It is possible to recharge the 6,000mAh battery, which only takes a few hours. You can access the battery of the Ring device only by removing the faceplate from its outer shell. Fortunately, the faceplate is durable and robust. Here is a quick method to remove the Ring doorbell 3 battery. Do you want to know about how to connect Ring Doorbell to Google home, then visit here

How To Remove The Battery From The Ring Doorbell 3

Taking out the battery of the Ring requires accessing the device’s inner workings. Taking out the faceplate is essential. The process is not difficult. When you know what you are doing, the process is quite simple.

Step 1: Unscrew And Remove The Doorbell From The Wall

Your Ring Doorbell was packed with a strange-looking screwdriver. The security screw must be removed first before removing the faceplate. Only the included screwdriver can do it. 

Step 2 Take Off The Faceplate If Ring Doorbell Not Charging

Once you have removed the security screw, you can remove the faceplate without any tools. Although it may require some effort. The Ring Doorbell gadget was designed in such a way to make it harder to steal or tamper with it.

You can remove the faceplate by pinching the bottom with the tips of your thumbs and index and middle fingers. You will use your thumbs to push the faceplate upward while using your middle and index fingers to support it. You may damage the cover if you don’t provide adequate support.

Hold the index and middle fingers of one hand under the faceplate with the other hand. Grab the cover and pull it away. You should be able to go off without a hitch if you did everything right.

Especially when you attach the Video Doorbell to an uneven surface, the plastic will twist/warp, and the Battery will get stuck inside its compartment. Ensure your mounting bracket does not get damaged or distorted when fastened to the house.

I suggest leveling out any uneven surfaces with paste compound if the attaching surface is uneven. Make sure the mounting screws are tight enough not to move the doorbell. 

How To Charge The Battery Of Your Ring Video Doorbell 3

Only the Ring Video Doorbell 3 battery requires only one Battery to function or, when hardwired, to act as a backup power source. Alternatively, you can buy a second battery if you want to extend the Battery’s life or don’t want to wait for it to recharge.

Micro-USB cords can be attached to any USB source, including a computer. You will need between five and ten hours to fully charge your battery, depending on whether you plug your USB cable into a USB port or a power outlet.

  • Push in on the sides of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and drag it out to remove the faceplate.
  • I chose the orange micro-USB charger and connected it to the Battery’s charging port. While charging, red and green LEDs will flash.
  • A fully charged battery has a solid green light.
  • Insert the faceplate into the top slot and click it into place.

When you use the Ring Video Doorbell 3 before it has been fully charged, you could observe an inaccurate battery report or discharge. Before setting up your gadget, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Finally, it is a good idea to get a ring doorbell 3 backup battery, which you can switch out as soon as the doorbell tells you that it is low on energy. Be sure to put the Battery back in when you are finished.

How Do I Know When My Ring 3 Battery Is Charged?

When the plug on your ring doorbell 3 battery glows a solid green, you know it is fully charged. Your Battery is low if you see an amber, red, or blinking green light. You can find the battery pack you need here if you need one.

How To Replace Your Ring Doorbell 3 Battery

When you remove the faceplate, you will see the device’s Battery. It’s also easy to replace the ring doorbell 3 battery if you know what you’re doing.

 A rectangular black tab is located at the top of the Battery. For the worn-out Battery to be removed, press this tab. Press the tab with one of your index fingers while sliding the Battery out with your thumb and middle finger.

Put the battery in the default position until the black rectangular tab is snapped into place. Make sure the battery is inserted correctly before replacing the faceplate.

How Can I Improve The Ring Doorbell 3 Battery Life?

As your Ring Smart Lights are triggered by more motion events, battery consumption increases. Your device experiences unusually high daily events. You may notice that its batteries are draining faster than usual.

  • Set your motion settings to a lower sensitivity.
  • Deactivate certain products at certain times.
  • You can choose Standard or Light for Smart Alerts.
  • The Ring product can be oriented in a new way.
  • You should also ensure that it’s possible to find the Ring

What To Do When Ring Doorbell Battery Is Low

  1. It is possible to recharge the batteries for Ring Doorbells 
  2.  by using a micro USB cable. We recommend charging the batteries before they completely discharge. 
  3. Remove the doorbell from the bracket by loosening the two screws on its bottom.
  4. After that, connect the charging cable directly to the doorbell.
  5. Ring Doorbell 3’s battery should be removed.
  6. Tilt the faceplate out of the way.
  7. Slide the Battery out by pulling the tab.
  8. Connect the charging cable to the Battery.

I recommend getting an extra Ring battery pack for the Ring Doorbell r 3. It will enable the doorbell to keep working while the original battery charges.

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