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How To Change Ring Doorbell To Grinch (Christmas Sound)

This holiday season, several new Quick Replies are available for Ring’s video doorbells. As The Grinch inspires all Quick Replies, it does not get into the holiday spirit.

With James Austin Johnson’s Grinch Quick Replies, video doorbell owners can now hear the Grinch’s responses. You can add them to your Ring app through the Devices menu. Click Smart Responses and select Quick Replies.

Ring has announced some festive messages that you can enable on your video doorbell this Christmas. Grinch can greet your guests while you stuff the turkey or roast potatoes.

Use the ‘Quick Replies’ feature of your Ring doorbell for themed responses this holiday season. Family, friends, and even carol singers will share a laugh. This article explains how to change the ring doorbell to Grinch. 

How Do Ring’s Christmas Quick Replies Work?

Make sure your guests know you’re on your way by speaking or telling them to come to the back. The video feature shows people’s reactions to funny responses, which is fun for the whole family. 

Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a long-time favorite or was recently on sale. Christmas-themed quick replies are available for visitors this holiday season. The Grinch voice is provided by Saturday Night Live’s James Austin Johnson. 

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How Do I Get Christmas Tones On My Ring Doorbell?

Christmas is coming, so switch on Ring’s special Christmas features. In addition to changing your Chime, you can change your Quick Message to something festive.

  • Enjoy your Ring doorbell and chime this Christmas
  • The chimes are available in four different Christmas themes.
  • In addition to the Holiday Ding Dong, you will find the Festive Ding Dong and the Holiday Jingle.
  • You’ll find festive treats using the app instead of a Ring Chime device.
  • You can change the Chime by following the instructions below.
  • You can easily create new Quick Replies by following the steps below.
  • New voices can be added almost anywhere. 

How To Change Ring Doorbell Chime On iPhone

  1. Start by tapping the three lines on the left side of Ring.
  2. In the Devices menu, select the Chime you wish to use.
  3. Select Chime Tones from Audio Settings.
  4. You will notice this list’s self-explanatory festive names – not just Christmas ones.
  5. When you’re done, click Save Changes.

How To Change the Ring Doorbell To Grinch?

Ring’s app provides instructions for configuring the doorbell under the devices section:

  • Firstly, tap the ‘Smart Responses’ button and then tap the ‘Quick Replies’ button.
  • You may select your message once you have enabled ‘Quick Responses. ‘ 
  • After you have selected a year-round message or seasonal greeting, you can save your message. 

How To Change My Ring Quick Replies Chime

  1. People at your door can get a quick reply by using Quick Replies.
  2. Christmas options include: “Merry Christmas!… We’re just wrapping up now. Leave a message.”
  3. The Ring app allows you to change your own by tapping the three lines to the left.
  4. Quick Replies can be found by selecting your doorbell from Devices.

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How To Change My Ring App Alert Tones?

  • Additionally, Ring offers a variety of festive app alert tones.
  • The Ring app lets you change it via three lines on the left.
  • Then click on Devices and select the doorbell device that you wish to use.
  • Go to the Notifications section under Device Settings.
  • Lastly, click on App Alert Tones.