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How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Or Face ID 2023

Passwords on iPhones can be either 4-digit or 6-digit numeric codes, custom numeric codes, custom alphanumeric codes, or Touch IDs. AnyUnlock iPhone Unlocker can unlock any iPhone passcode for you.

Activate iCloud Activation Lock, Face ID, Touch ID, and screen Passcode to protect your device. Screen passcodes are used when your iPhone cannot recognize your fingerprint or face, if you restart your iPhone, reset it, or if you haven’t unlocked it in 48 hours.

Passcodes are required to unlock iPhones. Also, the iPhone displays “iPhone is disabled for only ten minutes” when you constantly enter the wrong passcode. Additionally, it is frustrating to be unable to unlock the locked iPhone when you cannot access a computer.

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How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone Passcode Without Computer

Discover how to unlock or restore your iPhone’s passcode without using a computer.

1. Find My iPhone Passcode – Without a Computer

It is now possible for iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices without a passcode by using Find My iPhone. The steps to reset the iPhone passcode without a computer are below.

  • Install Find My iPhone on another iOS device and find your iPhone.
  • Access your Apple ID and password by entering your Apple ID. Once you enter your Apple credentials, click “Sign in.”.
  • All devices connected to the network will now be displayed on the map.
  • By tapping on your locked device, you can select it.
  • From the actions menu, select “Erase iPhone”. Your locked device will be wiped clean of all data. Passcode unlocked successfully.
  • Once your iPhone is erased and set up, enter your iCloud details.

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2. Directly Unlock iPhone Passcode

In case you forget your iPhone numeric passcode, you can unlock it with AnyUnlock – iPhone password unlocker. Unlocking the iPhone screen passcode only takes a few clicks. After that, it will help you to reset your iPhone’s passcode. In addition to unlocking former iPhone models, AnyUnlock can also unlock iPhone 14. Consider checking out its main features and giving it a try.

  • Easily unlock any iOS screen lock, such as digital passwords, Face ID, fingerprint recognition, PINs, patterns, etc.
  • To unlock, click the buttons. There is no need for technical knowledge.
  • Supports all iPad/iPhone models, including the new iPhone 14. All iOS versions work well with it.
  • Furthermore, it removes iTunes backup passwords, Apple ID passwords, Screen Time passwords, iCloud activation locks, etc.
  • For free, download AnyUnlock and follow these detailed steps to unlock your iPhone/iPad without a passcode:
  • Obtain a free copy of AnyUnlock and launch it on your computer. By clicking Unlock Screen Passcode, you can unlock the screen.
  • Wait for AnyUnlock to detect your iPhone. Click on the Start Now button.
  • On the iOS firmware package page, you can download the package. Click the Unlock Now option after downloading the firmware. AnyUnlock will automatically unlock the screen passcode.
  • The Screen passcode has been removed successfully, and the interface appears once the recovery process is complete.
Important Note: 

“After the removal process, your device’s content and settings will be erased. Please backup your device before removing it. You will receive an update after unlocking your iOS device. When Find My iPhone is enabled, you should enter the password for the iCloud account to be able to locate it”.

3. Siri Unlocks iPhone Passcodes

With iOS versions 8.0 to 10.1, you can use Siri’s loophole to solve the issue of unlocking the iPhone passcode without a computer. Activate Siri with the home button or by saying ‘Hey Siri’ in front of the iPhone screen. Then, follow these steps to unlock iPhone passcodes without a computer:

  1. A window will appear when Siri receives a request for a specific time.
  2. Adding another clock is as simple as tapping on the globe clock icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. By pressing the “Share” and “Messages” buttons, you will be able to send a new message to your friends.
  4. You don’t need to write anything.
  5. Alternatively, you can add photos after creating a new contact.
  6. If you add images to your iPhone, you can access, view, and select photos from the library.
  7. After entering the library, Press the home screen’s ‘home’ or ‘return’ buttons.
  8. The iPhone passcode has now been unlocked without the use of a computer.

Using Find My iPhone without another Apple device fails if you don’t have another one. You can’t use Siri to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer if your iOS system is not between 8.0 and 10.1. For this reason, we recommend using a computer to unlock the iPhone passcode. Two clicks unlock iPhone passcodes in the following sections.

Conclusion – How To Unlock iPhone Passcode

With or without a computer, you can unlock and reset the iPhone passcode using this guide. Combining the methods above is possible.

If you have problems unlocking iPhone passcodes or face IDs, AnyUnlock can help you. If your iPhone screen is cracked, reset the passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint. Try AnyUnlock now and unlock your device.