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How To Unlock Door Knob With Hole – 4 Best Techniques

A friend and you are having a meaningful discussion, and all of a sudden, you are at the wrong end of a door because it’s been accidentally locked. It is now on your mind that you need it unlocked quickly. Do you know how to unlock a door knob with hole?

Don’t worry if you think about spending a lot to buy a new lock after breaking this one or call a lock picker, don’t worry. You can easily unlock a door knob with a hole with the help of a few methods that we have provided you with.

Generally, locks are simple mechanical devices that can be unlocked using a few items that You can technically use.

Don't worry and use the solutions below. Let's get started.

What is A Privacy Lock Door?

The privacy lock is designed to allow a person to lock a room for privacy quickly. These locks and keys are commonly found in bathrooms and bedrooms. Privacy locks are typically operated by pushing or turning a button.

There is no security aspect to these locks, but instead, they are set up for privacy. So, they also feature an emergency hole that you can insert a thin tool through to unlock quickly and easily.

How To Unlock Door Knob With Hole?

You will usually come across door locks with either a push-button or a twisting option. A small circle-shaped emergency access hole is on the other side of the doorway.

You can use the following methods to unlock a doorknob with a hole and the items needed to unlock it.

1. Unlocking A Door Knob Without A Key

Tools required (Paper clips, small screwdriver, old keys, collar pin, etc.)

These types of door with holes are most commonly found on interior doors. The door of a bathroom, kitchen or even a bedroom isn’t designed for security, and it is not impenetrable without a key. 

You can easily unlock this door by inserting anything into the little hole, such as a paper clip, screwdriver, or spam key. Using that instrument, you need to push or twist the inside knob according to the mechanisms of the lock. As simple as that, You will unlock it.

2. Removing The Door knob 

Tools required (Screwdriver, Hammer, knife, etc.)

The lock on these low-security doors sometimes has a hole on the side instead of in the knob, so what can be done? Have you considered breaking the lock? So, do not worry! It is still possible to unlock these locks without much hassle since they are designed for.

You can grab a screwdriver, a hammer, or even a knife if you don’t have anything else on hand. To remove the doorknob, you need to pick out the hole. You can now quickly remove the lock by removing the mounting screws in front of or under the escutcheon plate. The problem is now solved.

3. How To Unlock Push Button Lock 

Tools Required (Credit card, Stiff Card like Object)

You accidentally lock yourself out of your house, room, or even bathroom because you were preoccupied and could not even find a screwdriver, paper clip, or a hammer to open the doorknob with a hole? Don’t know what to do? No problem! There is still a way to open a door with a hole in one side with one of the tricks we have up our sleeve. This way, the object will push the cylinder/ latch backwards, allowing the door to open by pushing a bit harder.

4. How To Pick A Door Knob Lock?

Tools Required (Bobby Pins, Collar Pins)

Is there nothing that works? Are you still locked outside and worried? We’ll help you unlock the doorknob with a hole if you have a pair of bobby pins or collar pins. It would be best to first bend both bobby pins perpendicular to each other.

Afterwards, you should use a replacement key with the first pin. The fulcrum should now be bent in a way so that it is perpendicular to the free ends. Finally, insert the other piece in the bottom of the keyhole and turn the handle with the left-out piece. Just like that, the holed door on one side of your door is unlocked.

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Conclusion of How To Unlock Door knob With Hole

As a final note, if you’re wondering whether or not these locks are safe to use, I can assure you they are easily picked. It is important to note that these door knobs with holes provide you with privacy rather than security.

You can easily open them using simple household items like a paper clip, a screwdriver, or a credit card. When you have children under 8, these door locks with holes are a great option to install. Once you know how to unlock a door knob with a hole, you can easily open a bathroom door. 

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