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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A30 Charging Paused Issue

The Samsung Galaxy A30 is a mid range Android smartphone from Samsung that was released in March of this year. The plastic frame measures 6.4 inches and has a sturdy build quality. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the 1080 x 2340 pixel display. On the front, you’ll find a 16MP camera, and on the back, a dual-camera system.

This smartphone offers impressive performance with an Exynos 7904 octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM. This device performs very well, but there are times when specific issues can arise, and we’ll cover them today.

One of the most common Samsung Galaxy A30 charging problems is paused charging. Because there is a bit of physical damage, this is mainly the case. A water-damaged connector pin can cause your phone to have trouble charging.

The problem could also be caused by a faulty charger or a dead phone battery.

A charging paused error suddenly appeared on your Galaxy A30. Your first step should be to check if an issue has arisen with the charging port or accessories. Faulty USB cables are sometimes to blame for this error. 

To do so, you must use a Samsung cable. You are using the current thread to charge another Samsung device. Moreover, you can use either method to tell if your accessories need repair.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A30 Not Charging Issues.

  • To troubleshoot your phone, ensure it’s running the latest software version.
  • The update should be downloaded and installed first if it is available.
  • As a result, an outdated software version is less likely to cause the problem.

Additionally, check if the charging port is blocked by dirt, lint, debris, or a foreign object. Dirt or debris in the port is usually responsible for charging failures. Cleaning the port using compressed air can solve the charging paused problem if you think the port is dirty. To prevent damaging the port, don’t stick anything in it.

How Do You Fix Charging Paused Battery Charging Paused Problems

  • During the charging process, the massage was paused
  • Too little heat is being generated by the battery
  • Setting the Samsung Galaxy A30 causes it to heat up
  • The charger does not respond when connected

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A30 A305G Charging Paused Proble

  1. To pause the charge, or the thermistor was faulty.
  2. The thermistor must be removed or replaced from the other board.
  3. You can quickly fix water damage by doing these things:
  4. The charging dock strip should be cleaned and checked.
  5. You must replace the charging dock strip if the problem persists or the pins are damaged.
  6. Multimeter this first pin of the charging connector, and if the voltage is not correct, re-solder the charging pin.

Lastly, make sure the capacitor voltage is zero. Once you have done that, make sure it is not shorted. If so, change the capacitor. Otherwise, try the following.

  • Connect the charging pin to the capacitor, and if the connection is incorrect, re-solder it or install a jumper.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A30 board receives its charge from a capacitor.

How Do I Make Sure My Charger Is Working?

It is essential to check that the charger that you are using is in working order in this situation. An adapter and a USB charging cable make up a charger. Damage to the cord is common. Trying a different thread may help. Changing the charger may also help.

Why Does My Phone Charge Faster In Different Outlets?

Power outlets not working can sometimes cause this issue. This can be avoided by plugging the charger into another power outlet. It would help if you did not plug an extension cord into the adapter. When you are experiencing this issue, use a direct power outlet instead. 

How Can I Fix My Phone Charger Port?

Charger problems can often be caused by dirt or debris blocking the port. Using a blower, clear out any debris from the charging port of your phone. For a wet charging port on the phone, you must first dry it by leaving it in a dry area for a couple of hours. Any liquid present will evaporate on its own.

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