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How To Connect iPhone To Car Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth is one of the best and amazing features of a smartphone. An iPhone network that can connect it to your TV, computer, or car stereo. Getting your iPhone to work in your car may be challenging. With new cars, how to connect iphone to car bluetooth. You can pair your iPhone for hands-free calling, playing your music, etc. 

You can use CarPlay in select cars for a safer, more efficient iPhone experience.

CarPlay allows you to do everything you normally do on your iPhone. It’s easy to fix the problem if your iPhone doesn’t connect to the car’s Bluetooth.

How To Connect iPhone To Car Bluetooth?

  • By tapping Bluetooth in the Settings app, you can turn on Bluetooth on your Apple iPhone.
  • Once Bluetooth is on, turn on the switch next to it by moving the slider to the right. 
  • To pair your Apple smartphone with your car
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap the Bluetooth option.
  • The car ‘s name should appear under Other Devices.
  • Your iPhone will appear under My Devices after pairing with your car.
  • It means your car is connected to your Apple mobile phone.

How Does Apple CarPlay Work? Do My Cars Have CarPlay?

Apps can be integrated directly into your vehicle’s display using Apple CarPlay, introduced in 2013. When you have an iPhone 5 and newer, you can make calls using Apple CarPlay.

Maps can be used in your car as a GPS or music player. Hands-free operation is the best feature.

How Can I Make My iPhone Connect to Car Bluetooth?

If your iPhone cannot pair with your car Bluetooth, it may be due to a connection issue. However, You cannot entirely rule out a hardware problem.

Apple’s iPhone comes with a small antenna that helps it pair with another Bluetooth device. Your iPhone can also connect wirelessly with this antenna if you have trouble connecting to Bluetooth devices or wireless networks. The problem could be hardware-related.

If you can't get your iPhone to pair with your car Bluetooth, follow these steps:

How To Fix An iPhone Not Connecting To Bluetooth In A Car

1. Shut Down And Then Turn On Your iPhone

  1. Please turn off your iPhone and turn it back on again to troubleshoot your iPhone and car’s Bluetooth connection. 
  2. All your iPhone applications can be shut down this way. 
  3. After you restart your phone, it will start up fresh again.
  4. Your iPhone will display slide to power off when you press the power button. 
  5. Press and hold both the side and volume buttons simultaneously if your iPhone has a Face ID.
  6. You can then turn off your iPhone by swiping left to right along with the red power icon. 
  7. The Apple logo should appear after 30-60 seconds of holding down the power or side buttons.

2. Disable, Then Enable Bluetooth

Turning off and back on Bluetooth will let your iPhone reconnect. If your iPhone did not connect to a Bluetooth device the first time, a minor software error probably occurred. Try turning Bluetooth on and off again to resolve this issue.

  • Your iPhone’s screen’s bottom can be accessed by tapping the Control Center. 
  • From there, you can turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone. 
  • Tap the circle featuring the Bluetooth icon. 
  • The Bluetooth icon will be black inside a gray circle if it’s off.
  • The Bluetooth icon must be tapped once more in order to turn it back on. 
  • The Bluetooth icon will be white inside a blue circle when Bluetooth is back on.

3. Forget Your Car As A Wireless Device

Any Bluetooth device, including wireless headphones and speakers, works the same way. The first time you pair your car with your iPhone, your iPhone saves its pairing data. At any time, you may change the pairing process. A clean connection between your iPhone and your car may not be possible.

  1. To correct this possible issue, we’re going to remove your car from the Settings app.
  2. Therefore, try connecting your iPhone to your car again next time. 
  3. When connected, the devices will act as though they are the first.
  4. Unable to connect to your car through Bluetooth
  5. Appearance of Bluetooth settings in smartphones can be found in Settings
  6. To access information about your car, swipe right on the device icon in your devices list
  7. After that, tap Forget This Device to forget your iPhone.
  8. Now pick your car under Other Devices to connect your iPhone with your car.

4. Update The Software On Your iPhone

  • Go to Settings, General, then Software Updates to see if any updates are available.
  • A notification will appear on your iPhone saying your software has been updated.
  • The software update will appear as an Install Now button. 
  • This button will retrieve and install the update if your iPhone is connected to electricity or has more than 50% battery life. 

5. Resetting Network Settings

Resetting network settings is the final step in troubleshooting software. By doing so, You will delete Bluetooth data on your iPhone. It may also remove Wi-Fi information and VPN settings.

  1. Select General in the Settings app 
  2. Reset your iPhone by selecting Transfer or Reset
  3. Your smartphone needs to be reset
  4. Last but not least, reset your network settings. 
  5. Click Reset Network Settings after you receive a confirmation message. 
  6. You can reset your network settings by entering your passcode.
  7. The reset will be complete after the iPhone is rebooted. 
  8. Connect your car by selecting Other Devices under Settings -> Bluetooth.

6. Using A Lightning Cable, Connect To Your Car

  • A Lightning cable can, in most cases, be used to connect your iPhone and your car if you can connect via Bluetooth
  • However, Bluetooth does not always work. 
  • A wired connection will generally provide the same functionality. 
  • Your iPhone will remain integrated with your car scars app when you connect it with a Lightning cable rather than Bluetooth.

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