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How To Remove Underline From Text On Samsung Phone

Android phones come with the ability to highlight text. Everyone who uses Android has this issue that how to remove underline from text on Samsung smartphone. Which I have included, and if you’re reading this post, you are too.

The solution to the issue and many others offered. It is because of the growing number of complaints posted on the internet. As you read this article further, we hope it will provide you with a helpful solution.

  • Go to your phone settings app.
  • You will see the input language and click it.
  • This step will bring you to the keyboard virtual you must choose.
  • Click the option g-board that you’ll see when you click on the virtual keyboard
  • Correct text is one of the many options you’ll see in the G-board section.
  • By clicking the button to turn it off, you will have resolved the issue of highlighted text.

How To Remove Underline From Text On Samsung

Certain Android phones don’t come with the virtual keyboard, the g-board, or text correction features. If you’re using one of these phones, you’ll find it’s a much simpler option.

  • Select Settings from the Apps menu on your Android device
  • Choose the input language and language.
  • You need to switch off the spell-checker.

How To Remove Underline From Text On Samsung Phone

What is the problem with underlined text? You might wonder. Many Android users have complained about the highlighted text that, when clicked, can redirect one to a different site. A text underlined on an Android phone automatically is a hyperlink in particular text messaging.

For instance, I send a text message with the date included, and so on. If you click at the time, the text immediately sends the person who received that message to the calendar. If you’ve experienced these problems, here’s how to fix them.

How To Disable Auto Hyperlinks From Text Messages On Android

You can turn this feature off on any text messaging application. To get started, simply follow these steps:

  • Start the messaging app.
  • Open its settings, then click on notifications.
  • Disable”connect to URL,” disable the “connect to URL” button or turn off the “link preview.”
  • It only takes three easy steps. However, you can click the “connect to URL” button with another name, and it is based on the messaging app you’re using.

If the word underlined doesn’t connect you to a different site but instead to your calendars, then don’t fret. It’s because the word that is underlined relates to an event. To stop this, deactivate the spell checker feature of your Android phone.

Why Is Text Underlined On Android?

Different people will have different reasons for underlining a text. Some of the leading causes and the best ways to stay clear of these are explained. When you type them, misspelled words are automatically underlined. Highlighted in red on many messaging apps that use underlining. In order to correct this error, remove or spell the words correctly.

Unknown words in your keyboard’s dictionary automatically become underlined when you type them. If this is the case for you, head to the dictionary and type in the word. In punctuation, for instance, you write a sentence that ends with a car, and it is mandatory to include a full stop or a punctuation mark.

When you begin another sentence right after the complete halt. The issue is not pressing space, and it’s “car.A,” which automatically will cause the word to underline. To fix this, remove the word, then type it once more. Press space immediately following the full stop before starting the following sentence. A comma is sometimes used incorrectly.

Link to your website: The words will automatically underline if they look like an online link. For instance, words that have the full stop. Clean the word and enter it again, but with no full stop to correct this.

Bold or italicized words: Italic and bold text are automatically underlined by your Android phone. You can correct it manually by deactivating the spell checker on your phone.

How To Remove Underline From Text On Samsung Conclusion

Underlined features are employed to make a text more noticeable. A majority of Android users view this to be a flaw, which could be because your readers’ lines appear messy.

How to resolve the issues mentioned above and many more are discussed throughout this piece. Reading through to the end indicates that you aren’t focusing on this as a concern. We’re glad that our article is of great assistance to you.

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