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How To Uncover Blacked Out Text? Is Text Readable?

A blacked-out screen cannot show any text. However, I don’t know that blacking out your iPhone, iPad, or Android is very simple. Learning how to do this is much easier than most people think. Once you know how, you’ll be amazed.

How To Uncover Blacked Out Text

Privacy is the most important thing to us. Therefore, we do this before sharing any information. In most cases, we rub out the important information, like our card numbers, contact info, or passwords.

How Can I View Hidden Text In A Picture?

With a few sliding motions, by creating a non-transparent layer, a solid line conceals any sensitive information beneath. However, sensitive information can also be revealed with a few slider motions. The marker is hidden under colours such as black and white.

How Do I Black Out Text On A PDF?

Let’s try out the whole concept. If you have any hidden sections in your image, go ahead and use those. Without hidden sections, please move on to step two. 

  • Highlight the portion you want to hide using the highlighter in the markup tools. 
  • Click the screenshot button. 
  • Click this link to view the photo.

After selecting the highlighter tool, select the thick marker. Opacity and thickness can be adjusted. Sliding the highlighter to the right will activate the highlighter.

How Do I Get Rid Of Markup On My iPhone?

The following options will appear. Keep in mind one thing. You may have to add strokes to hide. Depending on the text, how much effort you will need to put forth is up to you.

It is at the end of the page. You will see a few options there. However, the brightness, shadows, and brilliance should all be 100 per cent. To clear any doubts, increase the exposure, highlights, and contrast.

See what happens if you try these out:

The brightness, shadows, and brilliance should all be 100 percent. To clear any doubts, increase the exposure, highlights, and contrast.

Try These Out To See What Happens

However, you can zoom in for a clearer picture. Depending upon what lies beneath. Black markers, for instance, will make it harder to see things hidden beneath them. It is also important to remember that.

Count the number of times highlighter was applied to hide. You might be able to detect it at the beginning of the above steps if it’s lighter. 

Consider a light color highlighter being used to conceal the text. It will also be difficult to figure out since the background is light. Alternatively, if the highlighter is dark on a lighter background, then it is a lot easier. You are making it more difficult for others to discover your identity.

It is easy to hide your private information using the markup tools. The information you hide may disappear forever. The steps are below.

Tip. No.1: Make The Highlighter Layers Thicker

This trick is now clear to you. The method to hide a text with the highlighter is to use multiple strokes. But not all at once. Instead, do them separately. It will give you layers that even the editing tools won’t understand.

Tip 2: How Do I Highlight Only Certain Things?

The markup tool on an iPhone is safe because of IOS, so there is no reason you should worry. In case you are editing on Mac; however, you should take precautions.

Changing the settings will not affect the IOS, but if you continue doing it multiple times, the IOS will recognize that you want this information hidden.

As can be seen in the screenshots in Settings’ “Passwords” (OS 14) and “Passwords & Accounts” (iOS 13), the password is automatically removed, adding a sense of security. The username can be obscured if swiped three or four times.

Tip 3: How Do You Use A Pen Tool?

A single stroke of color will help you hide information. The human eye or editing tools will not see what is beneath. You can only achieve it by adding several strokes to the data as it is very thin. The confidential information can be seen if the strokes aren’t that layered. Therefore, if you wish to conceal information stronger, a highlighter is recommended.

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